German GTA: Chinatown Wars has more warning stickers than boxart

DarkZero: "Pandamator, who recently posted in the official Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars thread on neoGAF, has shown how crazy Germany has got on games that showcase any type of adult themes by posting a photo of his copy of the game."

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cmacdonald3541d ago

I've never had a problem with a country issuing warnings like this.

zdonit3541d ago

I don't mind obvious ratings on boxarts either, but I think the normal BBFC, ESRB, and PEGI ratings are already big enough.

Tomi3541d ago

First: I live in Germany! We dont have PEGI or ESRB. By us there is the USK! For a half year, the logo was very small. But after the amoklauf and a lot of other things, the USK made der Logo Bigger. The Sticker you can see at the top of the GTA CHINATOWN WARS cover, isnt of the games covers. the seller has did it.

please forgive my bad english! ;)

zaldare3541d ago

Hah, you should check the Platinum MGS4 version in Germany :D

nintendohomie3541d ago

you cant even see what game your buying after the treatment :P