The Major Nelson Show No. 217 The one about GDC, Sony Home and the WWE

Check out the latest news and views from the Major Nelson show.

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cannonsimp244234d ago

Achievement's for Halo 2 are gonna be added. This is the greatest news of all time.

Rasputin20114234d ago

I have been pondering about this issue for months now....and to hear that achievements are finally going to be added is pretty sweet.

soldier sean4234d ago

why'd he take so long to drop this new podcast? what happened to last sunday's episode? i missed listenin to it , but oh well better late than never i guess.

halo2 with its achievements will be reason alone to buy windows vista since i already have a gold membership....i just wish i had it now while my second xbox 360 is in the shop getting repaired , which sucks but i still support them....just cause they do everything else great.

happygamer4233d ago

whats the part about the wwe? wwe still angry that the smackdown 07 game went to 360?