LIVE Activity for week of March 23rd

These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Community Games, full versions purchased during the week.

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU's):
1 Call of Duty: WaW
2 Halo 3
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
7 FIFA 09
8 Left 4 Dead
9 Halo Wars
10 Fallout 3

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased):
2 Peggle
3 Castle Crashers
4 Worms
7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
9 A Kingdom for Keflings
10 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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KionicWarlord2223488d ago

Cod:WAW is at the top. and halo is in second. they keep switching there spots ,guess there alot people who have both these games.

JeffGUNZ3488d ago

Yeah, I am surprised Call of Duty 4 isn't a little higher, that game still amazes me every time I play it.

MAR-TYR-DOM3488d ago

"Halo is still King" ??
Well, i disagree, Call of Duty 4 even though there is a new cod out, still is in top and before COD5 came out, its was the most played game for about 5 - 7 months

dcypha3488d ago

Halo is still king, there is only one Halo FPS on the 360 compared to numerous call of duties. And if you look at the rankings COD takes 1st and 3rd but are constantly switching that first spot with Halo 3. While Halo 2 has been the number 1 most played original xbox game since the xbox 360 came out and years prior! so truly Halo is still king! not being a douche just pointing out facts!

Tsalagi3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Every week Conker: Live Reloaded is in the top ten but they won't add it as a Xbox original download. They should add Star Wars: Battlefront as well.

Capt CHAOS3488d ago

10 Fallout 3 ???

Since when has Fallout 3 been an online game. I think you'll find they're talking about games people are playing while logged into Xbox Live. I still reckon Halo3 has the most actual online players..

Magic_The_Celt3488d ago

Im Playing:

COD4, RE5, Fallout 3