When Will Wii Go HD? writes "Since the release of the Wii, Nintendo has been plagued by criticism from hardcore gamers about their system's decidedly lower resolution approach than Microsoft and Sony's offerings, but Nintendo's astronomical sales numbers are a testament to the fact that you don't need to appease the hardcore gaming audience to be successful. For many people, the Wii is their first foray into the world of interactive gaming in the past decade or so, and for others still, it's their first experience with a console altogether. But what happens when the millions of people who have had their first experience on the Wii start to get curious about whats on the other side of the fence? We talked to Michael Pachter about Nintendo's gameplan to keep their audience loyal."

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ape0073488d ago

nintendo is targetting the casual market,cheap and casual=$$$$$

Graphics3488d ago

GT4 on PS2 did wide screen + 1080i.. PS2... that's sad.

Cajun Chicken3488d ago

When Nintendo come up with a 'Graphik Pak' for the Wii!

ChickeyCantor3488d ago

When japan goes fully HD. Its been said many taaaims.

xabmol3488d ago


But yeah... The Wii will never be "HD" The WiiToo (or whatever the end up calling it) will be HD, because it will launch around the time japan fully adapts to HD.

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The story is too old to be commented.