David Reeves Q&A


"The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe tells us why this year is all about the PS3"

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SWORDF1SH3487d ago

totally different mind set to ms's greenberg. i like reeves approach kinda remind me of harrison's.

Gue13487d ago

This was a really good interview that nobody cares about cuz it's not flaming...

Marceles3487d ago

"It’s two years since the launch of the PS3. How successful has the console been against expectations and what have been the biggest obstacles?

We introduced PS3 as a multimedia device – we had to because it had a high price tag. Now you’ve got a Wii, a 360 and a PS3 and some people are always going to gravitate to the cheapest. We simply have to suffer a little, go down in market share and mind-share. It’s like Ali versus Foreman – go eight or nine rounds and let him punch himself out. We’re still standing, we’re still profitable and there’s a lot of fight in us. I don’t say we will land a knockout blow, but we’re there and we’re fighting.”

PirateThom3487d ago

Fantastic answer.

Reeves has said some controversial things in the past, but this is a good interview.

ultimolu3487d ago

He sounds very humble. People need to stop making the PS3 out as just a bluray player.


XxZxX3487d ago

I'm glad he didnt go XBOX 360 is Best platform for electronic recycling center, just to counter Greenturd arguement. Shame on you, Aaron.

Marceles3487d ago

"The competition will have new models on the market by the end of the PS3, I have no doubt and we’ll have to be fast on our feet. We need to make sure new upgrades out-match the competition, but what we have already has a very low failure rate so we don’t need to keep adding components."

Touche Reeves..touche :P

interrergator3487d ago

reeves looks like a nice guy i like him :p

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