Batman: Arkham Asylum - Paul Dini Answers Your Questions

360 Rant Rave recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Paul Dini, author of the upcoming multiplatform title, Batman: Arkham Asylum (Currently slated for release on June 9th, 2009). Paul has been a big part of the Batman universe for several years, and we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to pick his brain a bit about Arkham Asylum and his long time career with Warner.

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himdeel3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

...I'm going to have to rank this my 2nd most wanted game of the summer. Really excited Paul has been working on this project. Man and Kevin and Mark are back for the Batman and Joker roles is amazing. This could be the Batman game I've always dreamed of playing.

So very excited!! I may have to get this the day it drops in stores.

Droid Control3580d ago

God, i hope AA doesn't. I mean, everything i've seen and heard about sounds great, but still, how fun can it be button mashing for 10 levels in a row?

I'd like a batman game were i don't have to fight all the time