Yes, Microsoft's Working on an Xbox Next. Surprised?

Blizzard says Microsoft is, Blizzard says Microsoft isn't. Some stories are completely predictable.

With the Xbox 360 over three years old, it's as likely as not that Microsoft's already broached the subject of its Xbox 360 followup act (in one form or another) with whoever it's dubbed worthy. But that's about as prescient on my part as suggesting Toyota's presently rendering concept sketches of its 2012-2013 midsize lineup, i.e. "it's the common sense, stupid."

And besides...

Who cares?

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KionicWarlord2223488d ago

i dont think the xbox 360 coming out anytime soon.its still selling high,what reason do they have to make another one?

ShabzS3488d ago

they'll definitely have a group of people in r&d working on some sketches and ideas for sure though ...

PirateThom3488d ago

They'll probably have been working on the successor to the 360 since before the 360 released, even if it was just preliminary ideas, because Sony and Nintendo won't have been sitting around waiting until the last minute before coming up with their ideas.

FreestyleBarnacle3488d ago

I can imagine a few engineers in each company working on a new console just as soon as the last one is released. Starting with things which were too expensive or not technologically sound enough to put in the last one and then see where you can take things.

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BrotherNick3488d ago

Maybe make it dissipate heat more quickly.

Chubear3488d ago

actually, YOU"RE the one that's an idiot if you can't see that he's right. Tell you what you'll see from MS at this year's E3 or next. They'll bring out the XBOX3 for all to see.

It'll have BC; motion sensing; 700gig HD; butter smooth online functionality; a super tricked out version of HOME and they'll display insane looking CGI and tell the public that's what the game will likely look like... but here's the thing, they're just BSing you to get you to keep supporting the 360.

2years later they'll announce they're only dealing in software and the anger and hate from the xbox fanbase will be so intense for Sony that they'll jump on this new OnLive gaming module with a vengence, looking to start up a OnLive Vs. PS4 gaming war all over again. Just watch.

eagle213488d ago

how can you trust microsoft until they actually "walk the walk" in supporting their systems and making games for longer than 4-5 years?

TheRealSpy3488d ago

@eagle21, 5 years is the cycle
@chubear, that didn't even make sense
@walther, you're a fanboy, don't talk
@brothernick, lets hope that's the case, another gen of RRoD will destroy their gaming division. you can only compensate for bad press for so long

I'm sure MS is working on a new system, or at least has ideas in mind. i wouldn't be surprised if they did show us something at E3, but i don't expect it to happen this year. my concern, with all next gen consoles however, is that with nintendo's success, the other 2 companies might just try to mimic their style. dumb down progress in graphics in an attempt to appeal to the most broad audience. hopefully one of them will keep pushing hardware. with this announcement of cryengine 3, i'm optimistic that we will see new levels of visuals on console this gen, but even crysis graphics don't meet my expectations for the next generation.

CrazzyMan3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

5 years, is a good life period for any console.
Though, exactly only by that time(in 2010) FFXIII will be available in west... =) And then release new console?

While, the end of 2011... 6 years, the same time between releases of Sony home consoles.
This is normal for Sony consoles, but will that be ok for M$? =)

BUT one thing worries me, i mean, x360 already over 3 years on the market, it should be getting tons of exclusive games, while all what is left:

Forza 3

Lost Planet 2 (?)

+You can add:
Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell:Conviction

Though, these games will be also available on PC, they are still BIG games for x360, like Bioshock, which sold over 1 mln. on x360.

Of`course(probably), M$ will show something new for x360... BUT so far, this silence, while Sony showing Infamous, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, getting new games like Ratchet:CT, NGS and etc, doesn`t work in favour of M$.

eagle213488d ago

If MS does drop 360 completely (as in kill) just for another halo, it would be a slap in the face to consumers that bought 360 in 08', 09', etc. I hate how the early adopters don't care about the late adopters having new games to play. Who cares if you bought it in 05'?

anyway...on to better brands. :)

Hoggy19833488d ago

Whats with the championing of the late adopters? Why are they more important than those who paid the initial, high retail price for the system and paid premium rates for the software? At the end of the day late adopters get a cheaper system and a massive back catalogue of games to dip into and keep them entertained for years.

I for one am still enjoying my 360 but give it 2 years and I'd be more than ready for a new system.

GWAVE3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I'd like to see the 360 supported "one day longer than the PS3" just like Microsoft promised. Until then, Microsoft is infamous for dropping their old tech, not just with the Xbox but with lots of their software and operating systems. That's a simple fact, not some kind of anti-360 sentiment. Microsoft is well-known throughout the industry to be poor supporters of their tech.

And if the 360 lasts only 5 years, I'd still chalk that up as a disappointment. The NES, Game Boy, PS1, and PS2 (and soon probably the Nintendo DS) have all gone beyond the "5 year rule" that some people still cling to. Like I said, I'd like Microsoft to live up to their claim that they're going to support the 360 for a long time.

TheRealSpy3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

actually gwave...

when it comes to their OS (even though windows is lame in general), MS does a really good job of supporting their tech. in fact, they currently have windows 7 releasing, they still support vista very much, and they support xp as much as vista.

i think it's fine to say you think they should extend the life span of their consoles longer than they do, but you can't say they are notorious for not supporting their own tech simply because they bagged the first xbox when 360 launched. that actually seems like a pretty isolated case. and when you consider how much better ps2 was selling than xbox, it makes sense that they wouldn't continue spending vast amounts of money on dated technology. the outcome of that decision worked in their favor too as 360 seems to be maintaining it's 2nd place spot this generation. sony, on the other hand, had to keep supporting ps2 because they had another year before ps3 was to launch and even after it did, ps2 was still selling better.

from a financial standpoint both companies made the right decision.

but as for the rest of MS's tech, i don't know what you're talking about. if not the OS, then what? and i'm not outright saying you're wrong. but you backed your claims with the word "fact" but didn't actually present any facts. i'll give you their first xbox (you're right about that), but what else?

soxfan20053488d ago

MS had to drop the original Xbox and move on - it was outsold 6:1 by PS2. The 360, after 3+ years, has not only already outsold the original Xbox by millions, but leads the PS3 by millions. Trying to compare this generation of Xbox to last is pointless. It is clear that 360 will be supported for a long time to come.

cayal3488d ago

With the cost of development, marketing etc, 5 year is a ridiculously short time and would simply not be cost effective.

I doubt anyone looks at 5 years as the standard now.

aaronisbla3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Those same late adopters are potential customers for the new system, they shouldn't simple be discarded like they don't matter, unless MS doesn't care about sales anymore,

You get them in, you show them what they have been missing, and wow them with whats new on the newer system. Don't be bitter because the newer owners are paying less now. I think a company should treat their customers equal instead of favoring those who adopted earlier. Unless they want to lose that customer,s business

thesummerofgeorge3488d ago

How could any new console compete with the ps3 and Wii if it came out mid gen? The growing pains are always there for new consoles, we all saw how the 360's head start made it difficult for the Ps3 to build momentum, well it would be that only significantly worse this late in the game. While the Ps3 would be flourishing in its prime, with a wide selection of games, the new 360 would still be getting its first few games... Not to mention it would likely start out at a higher price, like all new consoles.

I think it's gonna be difficult for microsoft either way though, because they'll either sooner or later have to go up against a thriving console with a new console with no library of games, so they'll probably have to make it backwards compatible just so they can keep up. They should have made the 360 a next gen machine rather than what, in my opinion, is an in between gen's machine... It was rushed out, and they will surely suffer for that decision in the long run.

That's why I decided on the ps3, I didn't mind waiting a little longer and paying a little more if in the long run I had the best console.

godofthunder103487d ago

Fanboys need to stop all the fanboys bullsh*t.The fact is that the sony is doing the same thing with the ps3.The fact is that all companies always have a few people to start working on the next models about 3 to 5 years ahead of the release date.If ps3 fanboys think that sony will only start 1 year on the ps4 before they release it is just childish.They act like sony is the greatest thing in the world and what ever they do is alright but it's not alright for anyone else to do the same thing.

They get mad when a ps3 exclusive is put on the 360.They said that micr is the only company to buy or like they claim steal exclusives from other companies.They claim that sony is to GOOD to do that(what a good joke).The fact is that FINAL FANTASY,NINJA GAIDEN,THE METAL GEAR SERIES and other big ps exclusives was exclusives to nintendo 1st and that's a fact.They said that MICR was screwing people who have a 360 when MICRO gave a 3 year warranty on the defect in the 360.Again they claimed that SONY will never do anything like that because They care about them.The fact is that SONY only gave a 2 month warranty on the defect in the ps2.They claim that every one copy SONY because they are the only one to come up with new ideals.The fact is that the SONY coppied the moition controller from nintendo,They coppied online play,downloadable movies,and other downloadable content from MICRO.They stole or bought their biggest exclusives away from nintendo when they 1st came out with the ps.

I'm not saying that Sony didn't come up with any ideals that other companies coppied.I know that they did.The ps3 is also a great system,the most dependable 1 that was ever made.On the other hand it's a pathetic ps3 fanboy remark when they claim that sony invented ever thing for game systems and make all their exclusive,when they are completle wrong and it's a fact.The fact is that SONY is just like any other company and that includes MICRO to.Just like MICRO,SONY stole or bought exclusives away from another system.Sony coppied other systems.The most ridiculous remark that ps3 fanboy every claimed was they sony cares about them.The fact is that just like other companies SONY doesn't give a SH*T about them.All they care about is making the biggest profit they can and will do anything they could to do it and that's a fact.H*LL SONY already lied to us to sell the ps2.Before the ps2 was released they showed a game and claimed it was actual gameplay.When the game came out it wasn't close.The developer of the game finally said that it wasn't true when SONY said that the game was actual gameplay when they showed it.He said that it was prerendered,but every ps3 fanboy still claim that SONY cares about them.

I'll admitt that i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything but that's my choice.I know that people that have a ps3 think the same way about the ps3.I respect their dicision because the ps3 is a good system,they should also respect my dicision because the 360 is a good system to.Instead they claim that people that have a 360 really wanted a ps3.They claim the only reason that people have a 360 is because they are to poor to buy the ps3 and that's just a lie.

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KionicWarlord2223488d ago

when a console is launch there already thinking abbout the next one. this is nothing new.

ShabzS3488d ago

yah thats what i said.. nothing surprising.. why the hell do i have disagrees.. god!! this site is full of nutters

ceedubya93488d ago

because you said something positive about Microsoft, and there are some here that will always disagree with that...and then run off and hide in their little corner.

There are console cheerleaders that do it on both sides, Sony and Microsoft. Its nothing new. They just show their insecurities.

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kenjix3488d ago

Note to self don't jump in :)

-MD-3488d ago

Instead you should Jump off (a bridge).

xwabbit3488d ago

Now the RROD got even bigger

Narutone663488d ago

but faster.
They are preparing to drop the 360, because the PS2 dropped their price to $99. Since they are of the same generations, they simply cannot compete with PS2.
*put on flame suit*

jammy_703487d ago

they no the 360 is going down hill from now so they will bring out this, you never no it might wreck next gen, just rushing it again! bescause personally i think next should come out in 7 years time!

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jack who3488d ago

you care cause you made a post about it ;)

ELite_Ghost3488d ago

will it have blu-ray? or...?

zag3488d ago


It'll have a seprate bluetooth network adapter that only allows you to connect to wired networks via the box.

It'll be promoted as being bleeding edge tech because you don't actually connect anything to the box itself anymore, it'll be called blueless instead of wireless.

cool, eh!?