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"So what do we want to see from the sequel? Personally, I'd like a more cogent and impactful story. I don't care about the BAFTA award, I've completed the game twice and I'm still not entirely sure I understood (much less cared about) the fusion of Eastern European miscreants with Middle Eastern terrorist activity. This time round, we need something with more meat, and a much tidier set-up. Oh and [Modern Warfare Spoiler Alert!] Captain Price must live - and return. Obviously."

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morganfell3492d ago

How about no more missions where you succeed but get a mission fail because you didn't do exactly what the programmers wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted. You shouldn't die because you are smarter than the designers. You shouldn't die because a tactic outsmarts the AI.

chaosatom3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

And the following the wookie like person was pretty fun too. I like their linearity for the most part. I think it's splinter cell that fits the problem you describe. Although I do agree that they should give a little more freedom.

I think their single player is fine, as long as its something new and story focuses on a person instead of the war.

As for the multiplayer, I like
1) host migration doesn't end the whole game! (Killzone 2 has this)
2) Having Trophies lol. yeah pretty obvious. Also having HOME support. it's going to be huge if they implement it!

morganfell3491d ago

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Look at the mission where the tank is stuck in the bog. Obviously the developers have never seen a bog before but whatever.

They want you to stay right beside the tank. Anyone that has ever served in the military and learned basic tactics knows that while it may present the idea of cover and concealment (those two are different) you can better support the tank by moving away from it.

So at the start I sprint up the right side of the area. There is a low berm and the open cargo container. We all know this is a MP map as well. In a matter of seconds I am told the tank has been over run. WTF? SO I do it again and this time I turn quicker. I cap a few AI - WHO IGNORE ME BECAUSE I AM NOT WHERE THE DEVS EXPECTED ME TO BE. I watch AI run by me and I am in the open.

Suddenly I am told the mission failed again because the tank was over run. THERE WAS NO ONE NEAR IT. The devs want you to have a certain experience. One that they dictate. Never mind any freedom. I am not asking for GTA sandbox gaming. This is just idiotic design. It's all trigger points and AI focus boxes.

GVON3491d ago

Id take a few things from Kz

The clan and tournament settings.

I'd like some character physics,I can't imagine a FPS without that now

And proper dedicated servers,that eliminates the host migration issues because all your doing is setting up a room on a server and not hosting one one your console.

From Socom it has to be the comms,the proximity chat is amazing because it actually comes from the game,whilst the push to talk is a little dirty because it's over a radio.

Bigger maps

custom uniforms and unlocks based on rank and prestige,

Skynetone3491d ago

but lets face it, the single player experience aint no halo beater, but its still reasonably executed

its the online mode where this title shines, and id love to see a level editor, and more on going support this time around

Skynetone3491d ago

you cant have a gold weapon as your second choice!!!!!!!

just spent about a week trying to get a gold shotgun and cant have it as a second weapon, very annoying

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Jager3492d ago

Better clan support... not that [Insert Tag here] crap.

Gun_Senshi3492d ago

Online Mode that require Skill.

Remove Perk System, its unbalanced.

Remove Auto Aim.

Add recoil and spray to full auto weapons.

FFS you made COD2, you know about balance in COD2, COD4 was horribly in Balance!

SprSynJn3491d ago

How about just support your supposed flagship title on all systems equally. For those of who know COD4 well, its support on the PS3 was horrible to say the least. Unless they support it as equally as the other system it is on, I will not be purchasing it.

HDgamer3491d ago

They are all supported equally. Well the pc version is different because of mods.

vickers5003491d ago

"COD4 was horribly in Balance!"

I agree, CoD4 was pretty balanced.

DragonWarrior_43492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

how bought things that actually matter? Lets see, I would like to say that I would love to see COD have better graphics, vehicles, bigger maps, more weapons including prototypes that are being used in the field by our soldiers now( like the assault rifle that turns into a sniper rifle), dogs, limb dismemberment, decapitations, more maps, armor customizations, beable to swim, destructible environments, day and night maps, multiple weapon customizations(more scopes, and being able to use silencers and different types red scopes and the same time) , online coop that is actually good, and the return of all COD4 maps, plus COD [email protected] maps.

edit: Oh and I forgot to add ,, infrared and laser sights, more types of gadgets like sound sensors and proximity sensors like R6V 1 had. I could go on but I dont see any of these things ever happening.

velaxun3491d ago

I like some of your suggestions such as dismemberment and destructible environments, but no vehicles. I hated playing WaW on maps with vehicles because people would rush into tanks and then circle the map just taking people out. Vehicles strongly unbalance the game and I can't stand them. Second of all, no WaW maps either, in my opinion they were horribly designed and provided waaay too many camping opportunities

Fishy Fingers3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Night and day cycles in MP. The night vision was practically useless in COD4, used it once in 300+ hours. Just changing the light can "mix-up" the experience no end.

Clan support. Actual clan support, not just a 4 digit tag.

Bigger maps, more players.

I could go on forever I guess but thise I really want. IW made a fantastic game in COD4, with the extra time and feedback I'm sure COD4:MW2 will follow suit.

Avenged Sevenfold3491d ago

The map sizes in CoD4 were perfect. I mean some maps can be huge but to an extent. The big maps were part of the downfall for CoDWaW for me. 6v6 is actually quite prefect for me since I only play HRDCR SnD. They should make a hardcore mode for every game type.

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