Sony's Blu-ray recorders get PSP functionality

Download recorded content straight to your PMP...

Sony has released its latest batch of Blu-ray recorders in Japan, and has unveiled some forward-thinking new features in the process.

The 500GB Sony BDZ-A950 and 320GB Sony BDZ-A750 have the ability to automatically convert file formats ready to watch on your PSP on Sony Walkman device.

Essentially, this means that the need for a PC to convert your digital wares just went right out of the window.

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mchax3513d ago

Only in Japan? Looks like us in the UK will see this, er, never! Sounds like Sony have found a solution to the age-old footage conversion problem, though.

Nitrowolf23513d ago

i would like to have the ps3 with this function.
ive downloaded video to ps3 but try to move them to psp it doesnt work. Why not have a way to convert them over?

whoelse3513d ago

Sony did talk about 'Remote Copy' for Blu-ray to PSP back at CES 08. It was supposed to come out last year!