Steal This Idea: Doomsday Devices

Gamer Limit writes: "You might be a storyline writer for an RPG in which a rogue mage is trying to bring about the end of the world, or maybe you are trying to think of a final boss for your secret agent FPS, what you need my friend is a doomsday device. I can help you to create an in-game device so fiendish that you might be afraid that someone will try to actually use it to bring about armageddon, by providing a list, handily combining all the best ideas from other games, and from other forms of media, into one doomsday-y cake (yes doomsday-y is a word, it's means like doomsday)"

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Fullish3487d ago

Doomday can never be overused, unless of course the world has already ended.

Austin_SJ3487d ago

Doomsday devices can really ruin your day