VideoGamer: Just Cause 2 Preview


"As if any more proof were needed that Just Cause 2 is going to be completely OTT, when our demonstrator eventually reached the back entrance to the base he was confronted by a gang of teleporting ninjas. As you might expect, this revelation was met with surprise and enthusiasm by the assembled press attending last week's presentation. It feels as if Avalanche has gone out to make a playable version of the most ludicrous action film ever created - and a pretty good-looking one to boot. The original Just Cause boasted some great graphics, but this takes things further with a greater range of colourful scenery and some particularly decent particle effects. The water looks excellent too, and if Rico takes a dip you'll notice that his clothes will get wet, eventually drying out in the sun. Details like this don't make a game on their own, but it's yet another thing that this sequel seems to be doing right. If the play mechanics are as much fun as they appear, and if Avalanche manages to keep the bugs to a minimum this time, then Just Cause 2 could deliver on all the promises that the first game failed to keep."

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