Lens of Truth: Chronicles of Riddick: AoDA Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "We took the job of comparing The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena demo for the PS3 and Xbox 360. So we pulled Riddick out from the shadows to shine some light on the differences between the two games. Let's see which version should have stayed in the shadows…"

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RudeSole Devil3492d ago

About time someone did a comparison video. I gonna get this day one, I loved Escape from Butcher Bay on the Xbox and when I heard that they where redoing over with updated graphics was a done deal for me. And before people start posting fanboy comments please read the article and view the video.

solidjun53492d ago

Is this a full fledge release or re-release on XBL and PSN?

Thanks in advance.

RudeSole Devil3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

It's a full release and as a bonus the original xbox game Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay comes with the game with update graphics. It's gonna be awesome.

Shogun Master3492d ago

Shogun Master says: Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay is great game! If you havn't played yet, you must. Vin Disel games are good!

dragunrising3492d ago

I'm getting this game for sure. The video comparison was pretty close so I might decide which version to get by my controller preference. I'd also like to get the version that sells more so the online doesn't fall flat 6 months in.

talltony3492d ago

I think we can thank phil harrison for going to atari and makeing the ps3 version better. I always knew you had a hidden agenda Phil.

talltony3492d ago

im being sarcastic. Or are you too dumb to see that.?
Dnt take it out on me cause the ps3 version is better.

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jaidek3492d ago

I am quite excited about this game as well. I loved the first one on the Xbox and it is nice to see that the new game is cross platform. I would have to agree that the PS3 is the stronger version - mainly due to the lack of rendering errors. 4XMSAA on the 360 can't hide that.

evildeli3492d ago

I played the first one a few years ago. I wasn't impressed. So which version does Vin Diesel actually look like a good actor on? I'll get that version.

jaidek3492d ago

hehe, you will have to wait for the next console generation for that. Actually, I don't think it can be done.

ArthurLee3492d ago

dam! replied to wrong post. sorry

XboxGirl3492d ago

PS3 got owned Xbox 360 looks much better.

Soul Train3492d ago

You said it, owned. I wonder why they gave it to the PS3. They must have felt sorry for it.

XboxGirl3492d ago

The PS3 never wins cross platform comparisons, and the Xbox 360 just looks better.

evildeli3492d ago

Yeah, read the article again. I think Xbox overdid itself and broke while the PS3 just sat back and watched(then gave the xbox a golf clap).

ArthurLee3492d ago

You guys & girls are crazy. LoT gave this one to the PS3. Deal with it.

RudeSole Devil3492d ago

Just because it may look better, the PS3 performs better. The Xbox 360 has more render issues so deal with it. If you read the review or watch the video LOT clearly explains the differences.

brycespitler3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

read the article and it states the ps3 version is better
now stop saying ignorant things...bye

both versions are good so whichever console u have should b great for the experience

ArthurLee3492d ago

you sound pretty upset the PS3 lost this one, what's the big deal?

XboxGirl3492d ago

your the one that should be upset. The PS3 has been getting it's ass kicked and all of a sudden it won one and PS3 fanboys go crazy.

ArthurLee3492d ago

Wow! It's only 1 head 2 head, and who's going crazy? Sounds like you are. And by the way, in my eyes the PS3 has not been getting it's ass kicked because I've enjoyed every game for it that has lost a H2H, with no problems......maybe you should get one and stop yelling at everyone who owns one!

XboxGirl3492d ago

Get a grip you probably only own 2 games for tour PS3 and 30 Blu-Rays. So who's the crazy one?

ArthurLee3492d ago

No, I actually have 10 PS3 games and 38 blu-rays but forget you anyway.

You can't be reasoned with. Go enjoy your "lesser quality" Riddick and your obsolete HD-DVD player...peace!!!

XboxGirl3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Just like a true PS3 fanboy. You fight and fight but in the end you can't avoid the fact that your a failure. I have two words for you Alan Wake. The End!!

And 4 of your PS3 games or exclusive right? And the other 27 of those games are better on the Xbox 360. So whats you point?

Sea_Man3492d ago

Wow XboxGirl you are truly a fan girl. It's undisputed that PS3 won this battle.

redsquad3492d ago

"- Wow PS3 Got owned" So says Xboxgirl.

Funny how you utter something like that then toss the "Sony Fanboy" insult around as if you're so above it all on your moral high horse.

Should I bother telling you I have 31 PS3 games and only 6 Blu-Ray movies or will you just "LA LA LAH" it out because it's at odds with you're absurbly blinkered & prejudical views?

And ALAN WAKE? Please, keep that light burning.

stealyrface3492d ago

Wow XboxGirl is angry. I should have gotten some popcorn for this one!

jaidek3492d ago

Seriously, she needs to get her panties out of a wad. It's not that cut and dry. Some games are better on the PS3 some on the Xbox 360. Plain and simple.

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XboxGirl3492d ago

I think the Xbox 360 won PS3 never wins cross platform comparisons.

evildeli3492d ago

I think more people are shocked when the PS3 wins.

brycespitler3492d ago

it said the ps3 version is better right?

but seriously why be a fangirl and be happy your getting a good game

apparently its gonna be great on both consoles

RudeSole Devil3492d ago

I agree with you all the way. These fanboys/girls can't deal with the truth so don't wast your breath.

Soul Train3492d ago

What's wrong with fanboys? :)

Shogun Master3492d ago

Shogun Master says: Fanboys suck and so does Gears of War, you fanboy!

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Soul Train3492d ago

X-box should have won this one, its clearly better as usual.