Nitrogen announces Living After War, a stylish action MMORPG for adults

Ve3tro writes: "Online game developer Nitrogen has announced on March 27 that they have completed the alpha test for 'L.A.W (Living After War)', the MMORPG currently in the development process from former Diablo 2 lead artist Jang Wook Lee.

L.A.W. has two tribes: humans and mutant 'Niks.' Each tribe has three occupations: 'warrior' that boasts high attack and defense skills and techniques to handle blades, axes, and batons; 'assassin' that specializes in hidden combats using daggers, archery, and long-distance attacks; and 'esper' that can use elemental energy to destroy a certain area, summon combat robots, heal colleagues, and control enemies.

In 2350, the Earth has undergone a nuclear war, diastrophism, and 200 years of ice age. The humans that had fled to the outer space in a spaceship wake up from freeze-sleep and return to the Earth to found a state called "Delka" to rebuild the human civilization. They find that Niks, the mutants that have been created by radioactivity, destroy the authenticity of mankind, and keep them isolated."

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hate previews without videos...

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Why is this in the Gamecube channel?