Xbox 360 red ring of death: six steps to prevent your Xbox 360 from dying

With Microsoft's Xbox 360 one of the leaders in the current console race, it's a shame to hear more and more reports of systems overheating, or suffering from the fatal "Red Ring of Death." Collectively, the GamePro editors have lived through six or seven Xbox 360 failures, and the wait to get a replacement can be frustration, especially considering that the Xbox 360's library of great games continues to grow.

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KionicWarlord2223582d ago

step two and three,should be done often.

y0haN3582d ago

Step 1... rofl I know a guy who puts his on his carpet after use to "cool it down quicker", I told him he's an idiot..

divideby03582d ago

"failure rates are within industry standards"

I will never forget MS openly lying

Fox013582d ago

Keep it in your pants

divideby03582d ago

disagreeing with the

or if you dont think MS lied it makes it worse, they than plead to complete incompetence about knowing what they are making and selling

and they knew about the hardware woes..they are to smart a company

chasegarcia3582d ago

when I had an Xbox 360 I kept reading about how they get the red ring of death and stuff but didnt think much of it until I got it. Then I sold it and bought a ps3 and Wii. I then broke the Wii a few months later. THE END

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