Sony Shares Details on 1.6 Update

Sony has at last provided details on version 1.6 of the PS3's system software. This is the highly anticipated update whose release was being timed for the 3/23 launch of the European/PAL PS3. The update will actually arrive just before that, on 3/22.

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Andronix4234d ago

background downloading- with limitations? Not in games?

techie4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Boring! I bet there's loads of little things they can't be bothered to tell us. And yes I guess that is no background downloading in game. I wonder if you can do background downloading when you are trying to cure cancer?

BC? I want to know now and I hope they are 1200 of the 2400 European releases.

ps. I was looking at ps2 games...and I didn't realise that at least 4 of the games supported 720p and 1080i!! On the ps2!?

Armyless4234d ago

I'm kind of intrigued by the Folding application.

OldSchoolGamer4234d ago

If its like the PC version, it pretty much sets the usage for the CPU at 100% and uses almost all system resources. Good way to stress test a machine though! The version I run on pc auto detects your setup and doesn't allow you to set what percentage of resources to be used by the system that may have changed for this one though.

Torch4234d ago

Praise the lord!...this feature couldn't come soon enough. if I only had a way to eliminate my screen's burn-in as a result of downloading all those massive files from the PSN. ;)

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