Prototype: The "Greatest Hits" of Gaming?

GrE writes, "With the previous two Incredible Hulk games under their belt, it's no surprise that Radical Entertainment (interestingly one of gaming legend Sierra's two remaining studios) have been chosen to develop Prototype; the open world Super Anti-Hero game which aims to blow your mind, and favorite platforms (PC, 360, PS3) this June.

There are a number of reasons that, if done right, this could be the ultimate action game - and Prototypes new trailer aims to both remind you of the game's impending release date and tell you a little about why you should part with some of your hard earned."

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CrAppleton3493d ago

I think based off this, we may very well be in for the greatest hits of video games

SasanovaS7773493d ago

if i wanted to buy this game, id go buy hulk...however, not taking anything away from prototype, it will be a fun rent. just dont be disappointed when the framerate and screen tears start happening

bgrundman3493d ago

Copywrite infringement... anyone?

sonarus3493d ago

Those of you who never played hulk have no idea how much of a copy the game is. All his substantial moves are from the hulk, only the absorption stuff is new. I don't know about copying from the other games but this game completely lacks any originality.

That being said the hulk game was great and prototype should be great too. However my interest in ultimate carnage is weak. I can do it with the Hulk as a Hulk fan. IMO they should have just made a sequel to the Hulk game but they decided not to. Ultimate carnage to me gets dull like 1hr into any game. Destroy all Humans and Mercenaries i tried both with open mind and they got boring within the hour

I fully expect Prototype to suck but not because of copying other games but we shall see. I believe we are due for a demo soon

kewlkat0073493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Same as Infamous copies strongly from " Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
" The only thing that guy is missing is a damn light fn saber.

Ya know, maybe the story will set it apart but it's no big deal. Some will disagree, we know who you are. "Prototype" will be Bomb. It already has that same type coolness factor "Crackdown" had.

Montrealien3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

If this is a spiritual succesor to Ultimate destrution, so be it. It was an amazing game. Games always take piece of eachother, once you innovate people imitate, and perfect even. Its always been like that. Even the writer's poor example of Destroy all humans NPC controling was copied, scratch that, copied is the wrong word for this, inspired, from Messiah.

And they where not "chosen" to develope Prototype, this is their own original IP that they concieved and they are a consistent studio that have been working hard on this game. Also, they only made Hulk:ultimate destruction.

and btw, The incredble Hulk that came out last year was made by Edge of reality. The writer of this article could of done a little research.

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supercharger51503493d ago

Oh sweet, I've been waiting for this from GrE!!

bgrundman3493d ago

wow... they sure ganked alot of material from other games.

Spolodaface3493d ago

I almost completely forgot about this game until this trailer came out. I'm really looking forward to this now, brings me back to the good old days of Spiderman 2, except with a whole lot more awesome.

Even if there isn't any challenge to the game as some of the videos suggest, it's still gonna be a blast.

bgrundman3493d ago

It might be good, if handled properly. I am still skeptical though...

JokesOnYou3493d ago

The new trailers are kickass. If the whole game is as fun as the trailer looks it will be a hit.


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