Bungie apologises for Legendary price point

"...apologies" for extra $30 cost, but "hardcore collectors... will be pleased with the end result"

In its latest weekly update Bungie has addressed the price of the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, apologising for the fact that it's actually come in at $30 more than many have pre-ordered it for.

The dollar price point for Halo 3 Legendary Edition was revealed as $129.99 last Friday, when Microsoft announced details on three different versions of Halo 3. A limited version, the Legendary Edition comes in a Spartan helmet and features bonus goodies.

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CompGeek4234d ago

I dont see any way a collectible helmet is worth $60

Rasputin20114234d ago

Replica NFL mini helmets are worth 75-100 dollars depending on What teams/ what player if it is in the player signature series..... Just thought I would let you know.

The BS Police4234d ago

You fail to take into account, the packaging, the bonus content that comes with it, aswell as the materials that the helmet is made out of.

Grown Folks Talk4234d ago

are rarely even worth the extra $10. i know good and well i'm not spending $130 on ANY game, even if it was my favorite series. i know tons of people will scoop it up though. could end up setting a bad precedent. if enough people pay that much, they'll start trying to charge more on a regular basis.

Says you4234d ago

There going to tarnish the serie's permanentely cause its just
going to get boring after that I know I would be.

Grown Folks Talk4234d ago

this is the last one. at least in this format. there will probably be more spin-offs like halo wars. the slogan is "Finish the Fight". of course that really means nothing seeing as how "final" fantasy never ends. , }

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The story is too old to be commented.