Battleforge: DX10.1 tested with 10 graphics cards

PC Games Hardware ran graphics cards benchmarks with Battleforge. Apparently Radeon cards get a performance boost because of DirectX 10.1.

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DSco43541d ago

Looks like a win for ATi

Charmers3541d ago

Ok so please tell me how a GTX 285 coming top and beating the ATI cards translates into a "win" for ATI ? I am no fanboy but that just doesn't make sense.

DSco43541d ago

It's dual Chip Nvidia 285 vs. Single chip ATi 4870 and the conclusion is telling me the same, so ...

free2game3653540d ago

the 285 is a single chip, the 295 is the double one

LONEWOLF2313540d ago

Now, i am here torn between a 1gb XFX Geforce GTX 285 and a 1gb Diamond Radeon 4870.....which one should i buy???
I know for a fact that the radeon card has 800 streaming processors and the xfx one only has 240 BUT the memory clock on the xfx kills the 4870 memory clock which only runs at 900mhz compared to the 2480mhz on the torn

SpartanGR3540d ago

Are u kidding me? theres no comparison here. I f u want a silent card with top drivers and hardware physx go gtx 285. Having 3-sli myself trust me u wont regret it.

LONEWOLF2313540d ago

Alright man sounds good, right now im running a BFG 9800GTX+ oc i barely bought it not 4 weeks ago and i am really satisfied BUT i want more GTX 285 it is.

xg-ei8ht3540d ago

Best place, select your cards and compare.

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