Time Travel, Poetry, And The 4th Dimension

Noah Falstein @ Gamasutra: "The Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC have become one of my favorite must-see events. Each year I leave inspired and entertained, and this year was perhaps the best yet. The ten games (or demos) shown were all at least provocative, and many were amazing.

What impressed me even more was that many of the games shown this year suggested to me not only a single concept good for one game, but rather a whole new principle that could open up entire new genres of games or at least breath new life into old genres.

Between this creative surge and the growing styles and platforms (casual games, iPhone games) and viable economic and distribution methods (various online and wireless distribution and microtransactions) it feels to me we're on the verge of a creative diversity I haven't seen since the early 1980s."

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