Nintendo 'Scoffs' at OnLive

Nintendo is apparently unconcerned by the emergence of OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service revealed at the Game Developers Conference last week.

"We're not worried", Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, told the Wall Street Journal when asked about the service. While "We're not worried" is the sort of thing you might expect a media-trained exec to say, it sounds like Reggie might be a bit blasé about the whole thing.

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Smacktard3486d ago

Of course they're unconvinced. Only morons believe it'll work.

Shnazzyone3486d ago

they're right, while eventually that method of distributing game might be the future. I seriously doubt Onlive will be the ones to usher it in.

BrotherNick3486d ago

I think onlive will need wiimote compatibility. Also a sensor bar.