Nintendo dismisses Wii hard drive rumours

Nintendo has denied suggestions that an external hard drive is currently in development for the Wii - but confirmed that a new peripheral is on the way for DS.

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Maddens Raiders4231d ago

this means the external HDD is set to be released when? lol

C'mon this is inevitable Reggie. Give the people what they want: More tech. at their fingertips. The artsy -fartsy approach worked from the beginning, but now it's time to get serious dude.

Just give the people what they want (the HDD) and avoid going the way of the good 'ol ill-supported GC. =]

r10004231d ago

Seriosly what is the need of a external HD? I've had the wii since launch, only played zelda dowloaded 2 vc games that sucked....

I beat twilight princess over a month ago... and it's sad to say that I have not turned on the wii since...

quantae064224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

your dumb r1000 because SSX Blur,Sonic and the Secret Rings
Godfather and Tiger Woods are great games.. i cant wait until disaster day of crisis,project hammer and da new metriod comes out.