Negative Gamer: Bob's Game Demo Impressions

NG writes:

"Bob made a demo for his game. I played it. You shouldn't.

The first thing you should probably be aware of is that I could only get the demo working on the emulator he links to on his site. No R4 and no DSemu. This emulator, whilst competent, does have an annoying feature to watch out for. Hitting "Esc" closes the emulator without prompt and without saving any settings or data.

The game starts 5 years ago with you (or should that be Yuu!? HAHAKILLME) in your room on "moving day". There are boxes with stuff in everywhere. Elsewhere in the house is you're angst ridden, video-game playing brother, kitchen dwelling fussy Mom and "Ping" playing Dad."

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PS360WII3491d ago

Well then... guess we know why Nintendo didn't want the game.