XNA Community Games is a Failed Experiment

Microsoft's lack of foresight is troubling. It's becoming more and more obvious the experiment known as XNA has failed. The poor sales figures of Community Games coupled with bitterness over the existing revenue sharing structure have left a bad taste in the mouths of bold entrepreneurs hoping to get fed on fat profits.

Strangely, it was Sony who responded to the wave of unhappiness... by revealing plans to match development costs for certain games in return for PSN exclusivity. Microsoft can do well to pay attention and take a page out of Sony's Pub Fund playbook if they wish to salvage what good graces they have left in the XNA brand.

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swingingape3491d ago

Personally, I think Community Games sell poorly because they suck.

3491d ago
LukaX233491d ago

That's what experiments are for. To try something new, and if successful, expand and improve. This article is a failure.

swingingape3491d ago

Success is not an accident. Experiments help you learn, even failed experiments. Article points out where MS went wrong. Sony has got a good idea in Pub Fund.

willud4skins3491d ago

easy golf is a great game and downloading. the rest seem poor

edhe3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Anyone that thought xna was the way to the big bucks it's somewhat mistaken.

It is, however, a way to get experience and exposure to get yourself a (better) job.