Sony: Don't send self-published titles out "to die lonely and unloved"

Sony has said that the first batch of self-published titles for the PlayStation Network suffered from a lack of marketing, and that developers should not fall into the trap of pushing a title out "to die lonely and unloved."

Speaking at GDC last week, Chris Eden, development relations manager for Sony, said that developers who self-publish must be aware of marketing opportunities long before the game is finished.

"One thing we've learnt with the first batch of self-published titles is that marketing has often been overlooked," offered Eden.

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himdeel3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

...ORLY!!! Sony + Marketing = spacial anomaly. I saw my 2nd Killzone 2 commercial during Heroes last night and almost spit out my fruit drink into the face of my small child. I was that shocked.

XxZxX3491d ago

SCEE, SCEJ Good Marketing.
SCEA Marketing failed.

himdeel3491d ago

...I'm only subject to SCEA marketing or lack therof :)

ShinnokDrako3491d ago

It's funny how Sony (very bad at marketing this gen) talks about marketing to those publishers.

Gaara_7243491d ago

if thats true when something that is actually funny guess we can call and ambulance for you???? you know you would have died of laughter