No UK PS2 price cut, European machine drops to 99 euros

SCEE's just confirmed to VG247 that the UK will not see a PS2 price cut, despite the fact the machine has just dropped to $99 in the US.

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rekonizakilla3513d ago

I thought sony would drop the price because the wii price has just increased or is about to(in the uk).
With a really low price I think the ps2 could still give the wii a run for it's money.

mint royale3513d ago

Nintendo were losing money on it (think of their margins normally and that is how much the pound has messed up).

Sony cannot afford to drop the price in the UK. They already effectivally have by keeping the prices the same.

somekindofmike3513d ago

I don't believe in a million years that Nintendo were losing money on the wii in the UK, they probably just weren't making as much profit as before the pound sunk like it has! Manufacturing costs of the wii must be a faction of the trade price!

mint royale3513d ago

and I found it hard to believe too. The effective price cuts that sony and nintendo are giving to the British consumer is really astounding when you see how the exchange rates have collapsed between the yen and the pound.

The difference between the two is Nintendo had the luxury to increase the price whilst sony does not.

PirateThom3513d ago


They were still making a profit on every unit sold, just not a big enough profit.

mint royale3513d ago

but considering the pound is worth about 125 yen whilst 2 years ago it was worth about 230 yen means I could be very nearly correct - the price has effectively being cut by almost half! :(

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jay23513d ago


Time Lord3513d ago

The console in the UK costs £94 and giving how low the pound has fallen for the past 12 months it comes as no surprise at all. £94 is more or less the same as 99 Euros

pumpkinpunker3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

he has a point though considering with exchange rates $99 is £70 and €75 respectively. so essentially the USA is paying 25-30% less for a new PS2 than Europe and the UK. Not that everyone here can't get a PS2 at a yard sale for $25 anyway.

besides, who doesn't have a PS2 already anyway.

Mindboggle3513d ago

I think its time for the UK to get on the Euro....Whats the point in even keeping the pound at those rates....

techie3513d ago

Apparently we're not part of Europe.

Anyway...£95 is around 95 Euros anyway.

wicked3513d ago

I don't see why Sony has done this. I have never owned a PS1 or PS2 and I can not see how knocking 30 euros of the price would make people like myself buy one. Once you have a next gen machine you would not want to go back. Wired controllers, memory cards and no online; no thanks. For those that have faulty machines and need a replacement it's good.

pumpkinpunker3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

My Xbox and PS2 aren't even hooked up to my TV. Almost all my Xbox games are backwards compatible with my 360 though.