Wolfenstein - 'Heavy Veil Trooper' Trailer

GamersDigest writes;

"Introducing the 'Heavy Veil Trooper' to the fight, the ranks of evil are significantly bolstered with these heavily armoured soldiers who will do everything possible to stop our hero B.J. Blazkowicz from finding the truth behind the parallel dimension known as 'The Veil'."

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celldomceen13487d ago

hmm after watching the trailer i still dont know what to think about this game. Since it is wolfenstein i will keep my eye on it.

JeffGUNZ3487d ago

From what I gathered from GDC, it seems people were most impressed by this game. I hope it's true, I am looking forward to see how it plays out.

herbaldoctor73487d ago

very stupid looking,i was interested in this game but not now.

shine13963487d ago

looks horrible... here's to hoping the gameplay is brilliant...

DirtyLary3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Looks like Uncharted with Nazis. Lead character seems similar.

I hope they redo that old cable car map from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so many memories playing that online.

Kleptic3487d ago

agreed about the cable car...but did this look at all like uncharted w/ Nazis?...

lowcarb3487d ago

Looks good and should have an interesting story as usual with pretty nice visuals and gameplay. Wolfestein is what it is and will be a day one purchase for me.


it looks interesting, but i am not sure about the visuals being nice.

they look ok, but i can think of games that are already out that look better ( and thats not including killzone2 ).

Still its just a trailer, but i need to see a bit more before i am convinced to buy this.

otherZinc3487d ago

This is a day 1 pre-order & a midnight launch waiting to happen. 1 million first month, it looks like there will be co-op again, & I'll buy 2!

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