Diablo III's Composer Speaks has posted a lengthy email from Russell Brower, Blizzard's Director of Audio and the main composer of the soundtrack of Diablo III (as well as SC2 and WoW). In the email Russell talks about what little they've so far released of the Diablo III music, what more we'll hear in the future, and what fans can expect from the music for the full game.

Russell: In regards to Diablo III-- all I can say is "you ain't heard nothing yet!"

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Xulfxulf3492d ago

very cool that russell replied to a fan's mail, and with such interesting info. maybe that's the benefit of contacting the guys who aren't working just on one game. jay wilson has a billion interview requests; russell isn't as well known, so when a music fan shows up, he's happy to chat?

Leord3492d ago

Yeah, I think it's weird that he was allowed to comment without PR approval, or do you think this was PR approved beforehand? Is he an actual employee of blizzard, or freelance/project hired?

That could have a huge difference.

And yeah, since he's not pestered daily, he probably has more time to deal with things like that =)

Terrice3492d ago

Indeed, congrats to Russell for taking the time.

Dorjan3492d ago

Well he's right! We've heard nothing yet!

Spill it!

thetamer3492d ago

It's cool that he got back to fan mail. I'm looking forward to hearing the new music.

Recka3492d ago

So can't wait to hear the soundtrack of DIII, always love the music of blizzard games

Leord3492d ago

Yeah, hope it will come with the Collector's Edition of D3.

Leord3492d ago

I must say I was personally quite happy about the music of Diablo 3. It didn't have the exact same tunes as D1 or D2, but a certain something, especially around Tristram.

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The story is too old to be commented.