"Sony's PS3 Delivers !", The Herald Sun

IT'S heavy, bulky and unduly expensive, but Sony's PS3 will, no doubt, sell like hotcakes when it launches at midnight on Thursday. Why? Because it is an impressive, feature-packed machine that does much more than play games....

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OldSchoolGamer4631d ago

"Graphics for Blu-ray movies and games are sharp, crystal clear and more realistic than in most PS2 games"

Lol most ps2 games? I would hope it would be all of them!

"But for most people, especially those with CRT TVs, it's unlikely you'll notice much difference between the graphics on a PS3 and an Xbox 360 for a while yet"

Lol, pretty funny statement. CRT is magically worse than other types of TV's? Aren't they still the most reliable standard TV out there, or am I missing something? Maybe its that CRT without HD input will look crappy either way.

Who was this thing written by really? No, seriously, go ahead tell me? lol. Good hype job though, lol. Funniest thing I have read in awhile, not sure it counts as news though, more an advertisement.

Whoooop4631d ago

What hype you talking about?? I don' see any.. lol

I like good PS3 news and a little bit hyped articles, but damn this one is almost stupid.. Is like he wants the PS3 to succeed more than SONY..

Pardon ma English.

mandrake4631d ago

Let's not begrudge Sony the good buzz. I don't want to see the PS3 fail, and right now it needs all the hype it can get. I still don't see any reason it will do better in Europe than it has in Japan. But I want it to give the 360 and wii a good fight, because a limping PS3 may cause its competitors to slack off, and that won't do us gamers any good.

4631d ago