Xbox 360 Tops One Million in Japan

The Xbox 360 managed a major sales feat this past week., citing sales figures from parent company Enterbrain, reported today that the system has topped the million mark. Meanwhile, the PS3 also managed a sales feat of its own over the week, topping the 3 million mark.

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MURKERR3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

despite one of the worst failure rates in electronics history,360 still outdonr the xbox 1,microsoft my hats off to you

Shadow Flare3486d ago

Guys. . . . it's all over now. I think the wii and ps3 better pack their bags and get out of japan asap, cos 360 has passed 1 million. After 3 years. Funny how aaron greenturd never mentions the land of the rising sun when if talks about sales. Because according to him, america is the world. News flash, you need to sell well globally to win the console war, not just america, the second biggest territory worldwide

DelbertGrady3486d ago

They are doing more than ok in both the US and in Europe. Those are the biggest markets and should therefore be the biggest priorities.

Montrealien3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Unless China's console market has decided to pick up, the United States is still the biggest videogame market atm Shadow Flare. But I know, you will bunch up all of europe together, which still, I dont thing is bigger then NA, but I would have to look it up. However I do agree, selling worldwide is important, but selling well in the NA market sure does help.

and is it just me, or is the playstation 3 selling at a slower rate then the PS2 was at this point in its life cycle in Japan? Sony and Nintendo still own that market though, that's their house! lol

Kushan3486d ago

Even if the PS3 outsold the 360 2:1 WORLDWIDE, what makes you think it would change anything? MS likes money and even in "last" place, there's still money to be made. Look at Nintendo, between the SNES and the Wii, they were consistently in last place in the console market (not including hand-helds, of course) and yet they're still here, still going strong. Stronger than ever, in fact. Why would MS be any different?

This generation is pretty much set in stone, all 3 consoles are not going anywhere, at least not until the NEXT generation comes along.

Bnet3433486d ago

Well sh*t, for the Xbox in Japan, 1 million is not bad at all. Also, congrats to PS3 for reaching 3 million in Japan. That is also good.

mint royale3486d ago

well done. Heres to 2 million. I think they would have been ecstatic with that at the start of the generation.

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well_damn3486d ago

weeeeelllllllllllll Dammmmmmnnnnnnnn!

Omega43486d ago

So all that buying of JRPGs finally paid off for MS, i wonder if they will ever pass 2ml

PirateThom3486d ago

Over 3 years to reach 1 million... 2 million is a stretch.

Maybe next gen, if they apply the same approach.

MURKERR3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

after THREE years its a milestone for microsoft but in the big picture of things despite all the rpgs its not a success in the land of the rising sun, 360s still getting outsold by the ps2,just acknowledge microsoft has done a million after 3 years in japan that is still a milestone to which i congratulate microsoft

heyheyhey3486d ago

not bad for a defective American product...

but it looks like that's grinding to a halt and it's going back to being outsold by the PS2

3486d ago
heyheyhey3486d ago

aww look at that... pp found the reply button, he's making progress :)

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3486d ago


= 1 MILLION!!! ;-D Not much is it???

OmarJA3486d ago


Good one heyheyhey.

Narutone663486d ago

nice come back. The 360 is competing with the PS2. With the PS2 costing $99 now. Expect it to overtake the 360 now.

theKiller3486d ago

finally after 3.6 years they sold just a million!!!!!

ps2 is outselling it in many times!!! or they r on par with sales!!!! with an JRPG exclusive release on 360, 360 will sell as much as ps2!

in japan 360 cost less than 200$, so its selling close to ps2 price yet it gets beaten by ps2!!!!

funny story!!!! americans want to do monopoly in everything where there is money in it!!! thats cars,games,movies,PC,oil,weapo ns,rise, wheat, cheese, baby milk, flour, plastic bags for dogs sh!t etc u got the idea!!

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Nelson M3486d ago

Cause we all know they Suffered the RRoD
And they bought another
Just like the BoTs do all over the Rest of the World

Silly BoTs