Is PS Cloud the PlayStation 4?

Sony has patented the 'PS Cloud' with the US Patent and Trademark Office, following the announcement of a number of new 'cloud gaming' services such as OnLive and Playcast Media at this year's Games Developers Conference.

The patent has lead to speculation that Sony Computer Entertainment may well be looking to 'cloud gaming' – where the processing power of a home console is replaced by that of a remote server outside of the gamer's home – as a strategic move forward for its PlayStation division.

Or, put in more straightforward terms, is PS Cloud the PlayStation 4?

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zoydwheeler3580d ago

So OnLive and its ilk get lots of attention at GDC and Sony IMMEDIATELY patents PS Cloud... go figure...

SL1M DADDY3580d ago

So it is no wonder that they got this into the pipeline now and no, it may not be the PS4 but rather another service coming to the PS3 in upcoming years. Remember, Sony is on a 10 year life plan fo rthe PS3 and this would definitely help them keep that edge.

Critical_Hit3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I want to see Sony put their entire PS1 and PS2 libraries on this "PS Cloud" as a start (i.e. you don't have to start with HD games right away, test the service with this).

GiantEnemyFlop3580d ago

there are a plus for this kinda service nobody thought about

what will happen to the grafix for those game now they will not be restricted any more

imagin killzone 2 running in a super pc

DeadlyFire3580d ago

I say Sony will test this in Japan before anywhere else. Japan has the bandwidth that no other country has right now with some services reaching 1 Gigabit. If this is to work anywhere its likely that Japan will have the first crack at it.

We probably won't see PS Cloud in US or EU until 2015 or so.

UltraNova3580d ago

In order to patent something you need lots and lots of work to do before you file the patent mate! Sony must have been working on this for quite some time now.

i believe the next PS will still use the ps3 as its home server. it only takes a firmware update. Sony is smart. They now that by 2012 the internet connections will improve as everything tech related does, it is inevitable. By doing this they will have at least 50 million users on day one!

This is a true ace up their sleeve right now. They can test some games in the years to come get the service right, and when MS and Nintendo release their next system (what ever form or shape they come with)they could immediately release the next PS as a firmware update on the ps3.

From where I see this Sony has the next round locked and loaded.

TheDude2dot03579d ago

Just because it patented a name, it doesn't mean it will for sure use it. Sony will probably wait to see if OnLive is successful before making it. Patents are so stupid that if some other company patented PS Cloud before Sony, Sony couldn't use it.

dcbronco3579d ago

This is no surprise. Cloud gaming might be the future.


1.1 is right

the cell is supposed to connect throught the interwebz to other remote cell cpus in order to achieve higher performance or stability.... or so i remember reading in a ibm article

SonyWarrior3579d ago

I only had my ps3 for about a year but im ready to see the next level of gaming just needs to be able to play ps3 games because theres so many good games coming out for it.

xboxlj3579d ago

So you believe that the next PS console will allow for distributed processing?

DaTruth3579d ago

So Digital Downloads really is the future? What a joke. I never thought this would happen.

I guess technically it's streaming sort of, but still.

RememberThe3573579d ago

It seems to me that this would be the name of a service not an entire console.

I also think that the fact that PS Cloud was trademarked after OnLive was announced is pure coincidence. I highly bought that Sony, as an entire company, had they're eyes glued to GDC. and suddenly, when they see OnLive, say to themselves; "Oh this could work".

UltraNova said it best, this has probably been in the works for a while.


hell no.

i feel as though sony may use it in psn related transactions......the psp comes to mind. remote play, all can benefit

Sarcasm3579d ago

Digital *Streaming* is the future!

PS3, 360, Wii, Colecovision, Virtual Boy, Dreamcast are all doomed!

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nix3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

i think they were working on it for quite a while. no one can patent in a week's time. lot's a R&D goes into creating it specially in fields like technology.

EDIT: @below - really?

zoydwheeler3580d ago

It takes Kaz Hirai to say "that might be a good idea let's patent PS Cloud in case we can make use of that..." and that is it.

STK0263580d ago

while I'm not sure, I think you need more than just an idea, a concept to get a patent.

However, if the only trademarked the name, that's something else.

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jamiemid103580d ago

Sounds a bit nebulous to me

zoydwheeler3580d ago

neb·u·lous (nby-ls)
1. Cloudy, misty, or hazy.
2. Lacking definite form or limits; vague: nebulous assurances of future cooperation.
3. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a nebula.

Cloudy...see... CONNECTIONS!

MBB3580d ago

This cloud stuff seems to be up in the air at the moment

Calcio3580d ago

Are we sure this isn't vapourware?

micro_invader3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )


Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and goodnight!!

bubbles for the laugh. :D

DelbertGrady3580d ago

Everyone seems to have caught wind of this new technology.

no_more_trolling3579d ago

how "cloud" this be possible?

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mchax3580d ago

Who cares about cloud gaming? The UK just hasn't got the broadband infastructure to handle it. Not yet anyway

zoydwheeler3580d ago

We will all have 50mbps within 2 years. Unless you unfortunately live in The Wales.

Gam713580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Sky are nicely increasing my speed up to 24MB for free.

The Broadband is getting better. It could be worse for Broadband, you could live in America or down under.

Or Wales but that has nowt to do with broadband.

Arsenal4Ever3580d ago

Uk already has 50mb with Virgin Media. :) 6.0mb/sec download speed :)

jtucker783580d ago

Its the U.S. that have the slow data infrastructure outside of their major cities. UK is relatively fast by comparison.

Sky offer 24Meg. I have 24Meg with Be There.
Virgin offer 50Meg.

And considering that the U.S. are the biggest market then the PS Cloud would have to take off there to make it truely worthwhile.

The PS Cloud is actually possible with the PS3. The PS3 can already handle 1080p so as long as the cloud servers handle all the heavy processing they can stream the data back to the PS3 where it is put together and displayed in beautiful 1080p. The PS3 would only need a firmware update to make it possible.

coolfool3580d ago

Read the news recently? How many "calls" for broadband modernisation have their been? How many independant projects have start because ISP's don't want to fund upgrades themselves?

UK only has the infrastructure in Cities and even then it's not everywhere. I live in a city and I can only get about 4 mb/s which in reality is about 120 kb/s download on average. I am told I live "too far from the exchange" to get anything better. So for me to get better, either they upgrade cables and hardware at the exchange (which they are not doing) or they build another exchange (which they are also not doing).

The problem with cloud gaming is that you immediately limit the amount of people who can buy your product. With a home console almost anyone can buy it and buy games. With cloud gaming you are relying on an infrastructure which is out of your control. How could a company even come up with accurate business models with an unknown like this?

jtucker783579d ago

@coolfool - have you tried a company that used Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) like BeThere?

I could only get 5mbps out of a 8mg exchange but because of LLU I managed to get 19mbs out of a possible 24mg.

Sarcasm3579d ago

50mbps *drools*

All we have in my town is 12mbps... And that's considered "fast"

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