Killzone 2 1.21 patch live

Several tipsters have reported that the latest Killzone 2 patch is now live for most (if not all) regions.

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bigbomber3493d ago

Now I need some K2 DLC LOVE !!!!!!!!! BIGBOMER PEACE

Lifendz3493d ago

hey, can anyone tell me if you can actually mix and match badges? I remember Guerilla talking about this a while back but I haven't seen anyone use it. Just curious.

ballsofsteel3493d ago

i really hope they add in more weapons that the one thing i loved about COD4 that i don't find in KZ2. Also i hope they don't add in vehicles never found the appeal

xwabbit3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Lifendz you can but you cant change the primary badge, only the second one ... I think thats what your are asking right Lol >?

GIJeff3493d ago

in order to mix and match, you have to:

1) Earn 5 ribbons with that class to unlock the secondary weapon.
2) Earn 5 ribbons with the unlocked secondary weapon.

THEN you can mix and match with that unlocked class. So, for medic, its:
1) Earn 5 ribbons using the revive zapper thingy, which unlocks the med packs.
2) Earn 5 ribbons with the med packs to unlock mixing other classes with the medic.

get it?

ThanatosDMC3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Hopefully the fix that damn network error i started getting... damn, i love Killzone 2!

Update: Damn, i still get disconnected no more than two minutes in the game. It says Error Code: -2140074717

WTF?! ARGH! I havent had my Killzone fix for a long while now! Back to RE5..... lame....

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DragonWarrior_43493d ago

The only thing I see different from this patch is online bots and ranked and unranked matches.

peeps3493d ago

you can mix and match badges but you have to earn it. e.g to use the assault classes second ability, with the tactician you need to max out both the secondry ability of the assualt and tactician, then you can mix and match those 2 classes secondaries.

so i'd need to boost x ammount of times in a game x amount of times in order to get the medal and then get x amount of kills with flying bots for x ammount of games to get that medal.

so yeh it can take a while to mix and match your prefered classes.

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