Okami on sale for $20

Capcom's visually stunning title Okami has been placed on sale for the price of $20 for both Wii and PS2 versions of the game.

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Cajun Chicken3541d ago

Heh, I picked up the PS2 version of the game ex-rental with no official box for £2 the other week.

TheAntiFanboy3541d ago

Nice. WTB. This game is GODLIKE.

Yi-Long3541d ago

...but I believe I read that the PS2 had lots of cut-scenes or an intro-movie or something, that you couldn't just skip through. Did they fix this or not, for the Wii version!?

I can't believe in this day and age some developers still make the mistake of having cut-scenes or intro-movies that you can't skip through. It's annoying as hell.

Voozi3541d ago

Yea the Wii version you can skip the cut scenes/movies and stuff (I have the Wii version of this game) compared to PS2 version where you originally couldn't

Yi-Long3541d ago

... I'll probably try the Wii version out then :)

Rikitatsu3541d ago

You can skip the cutscenes in the PS2 version too.
People are complaining about the Intro of the game. (Which you will only see each time you begin a NEW GAME)
Other than that, the PS2 version is superior.
There are graphical filters removed from the Wii version.
Not to mention that the controls aren't precise.

Seferoth753541d ago

Having actually played both the Wii version is far superior to the PS2. Motion controls worked great, and drawing withthe Wii remote took the game and made it that much better. Stoping to take time to draw with the analog stick really slowed the pace of the game down considerably. However with the Wii remote its just a quick draw and back to the game. Really helps out with the immersion of the game not having stop and draw for such long periods.

Great game on either console though but superior on Wii the same way RE4 is.

BrotherNick3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Rikitatsu, the wii controls are so easy, a caveman can do it. If you have a wii you'd know. Unless you convulse, or dislike a more colorful palette, get the ps2 version. Check out the difference for yourself.

Seferoth753541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Great video BrotherNick. he'll never watch it though because it proves him wrong. I have to say I didnt notice how bland the PS2 game was until I saw it beside the Wii version.. I guess I was kinda wrong. Wii version is FAR superior to the PS2 version.. Okami is so blurry on PS2 you cant even make out any detail but on the Wii its crystal clear.

Also Nick you and I are probably the only people posting here that are commenting from experience. Rikatatsu just seems to judge everything that isnt on a PS console as garbage even though he knows nothing about them...

BrotherNick3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

It's not Crystal Clear, but clearer. About the controls, if you play the wii and can make circles on a screen you can control the game. I heard the only true complaint is the dodging on the nunchuk is slightly sensitive. It's true but you learn if you move the chuk up left or right, with muscle control and stop, it does what it's supposed to. Anyone who had trouble with the controls need to do some pushups, seriously.

Seferoth753541d ago

yeah not crystal clear itself but a big difference when compared to the PS2 model.

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bakagaijin783541d ago

I bought the PS2 version this past Boxing Day at Walmart new for $9.98... and I still haven't opened it from it's original plastic wrap. I really need to sit down and play the darn thing.

Staircase3541d ago

Yes, you do. One of the best games i have ever played. :D

LeonSKennedy4Life3541d ago

The PS2 version was already 20 new. (Greatest Hits)

I got it when it came out. I had it reserved. I love this game!

truehunter3541d ago

PS2 price has always been 20$. The Wii yes a drop but PS2 has been at its price for long time.

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