5 Apps we'd like to see on DSiWare

Despite its insistence that the DSi is not out to rival the likes of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform, it's been all but confirmed that Nintendo is looking to get gamers downloading more than just entertainment software via its DSiWare service.

With this in mind, Pocket Gamer has come up with a hypothetical list of non-gaming applications that it'd love to see on DSiWare in the near future.

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dragunrising3542d ago

I would a Gmail app on my DSi. No reason why it couldn't happen either. Also, I doubt any 3rd party music service will come to the DSi as its only able to play AAC and not MP3. Messenger would be cool however it takes too long to type. If they had writing based messaging via WiFi that would probably work well.

SpoonyRedMage3542d ago

I wouldn't mind MSN on my DSi and it's very possible, Nintendo and MS aren't exactly enemies(Viva Pinata on the DS, Too Human).

The Wiki would be nice but the browser should do and the DSitunes could work because I'm sure Nintendo have a music download thing with some company.