Conduit bonuses unlocked through ASE

The All Seeing Eye is not just an object which unlocks doors but it will help with unlockables as well.

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nintendohomie3489d ago

sweeeet i love how Metroid Prime 3 did that.

avantgarde843489d ago

yea but they better have some nice unlockables, i hate achievements just to get achievements. If im gonna go due the work there better be an great reward in there not just a number i can brag about to others with a gamer tag

nintendohomie3489d ago

eh yea unlockables are cool and all but i really liked the exploration factor that Metroid Prime had with you having to find Lore. Thats why Metroid kicks a$$$$$ and if this game has that then thats pretty cool you know.

Any kind of replayability is fine with me

Product3488d ago

@ Av
Regardless it adds replayablility.