Intel Xeon W5580 Kills Core i7

The new Xeon W5580 is here and it is stupid fast. It's based on the Nahelem architecture which means that like the i7, the W5580 uses socket LGA1366 and supports tripple channel DDR3. The downside is that if you own an older Xeon you will have to upgrade your motherboard before moving to the new Xeon W5580.

This CPU is expensive but it's much faster than anything else on the market. It beats the best Intel Core i7 in every benchmark.

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labaronx3487d ago

Intel seems to be churning out these things at a extreme pace.

jlemdon3487d ago

This might be MS answer to the next gaming system.

wibble3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

10 fps faster? Is that it?

If I want an extra 10 frames per second then I can disable Niko's left shoe in GTA IV.

These hardware manufacturers (CPU, GPU) shouldn't release anything until it's capable of giving at least twice the performance.

freakinglogan3486d ago

10 fps is a big deal when it comes to a new part taking over the top spot.

Lol about the left shoe.

The fact is that people will pay an ungodly sum just to have the newest part that is 10 fps faster...

Also, this part is a xeon, not exactly made for the gaming audience though they will probably really want it.