Buy Larry get Carmen (Playboy) for free..

When you buy the game Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust you will receive a copy of a Playboy magazine. This edition reveals the American beauty Carmen Electra. The 36-year-old model has also a roll in the videogame.

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Fatal Blow3492d ago

I will buy the game if she come's with the game lol

Raz3492d ago

So there's no nudity in the game, which gets around ratings problems; but they're including a Playboy with it? ..I'm confused.

Anon19743491d ago

If you're old enough to buy this game, you're old enough to buy a Playboy. The difference (and hypocricy) is that if you put nudity in a game and get the AO rating, that's death as a lot of retailers won't carry your game anymore, but they'll sell Playboy. (Some, not all)
I wonder if this will make the US or if this is just a Europe thing? Given the prudish climate in the US compared to Europe, I'd be surprised if the US sees this same offer.

GiantEnemyFlop3492d ago

i wanna lick that back soo baaad


TheWickedOne3492d ago

Already have that issue. I actually got too work with Electra once. Really nice girl.

Shani3492d ago

Lucky you....

I also have that issue...

Kick The Ass3492d ago

If they really are heading that road?

n00biee3491d ago

No disrespect, but n4g might want to grammar check their headlines: "The 36-year-old model has also a roll in the videogame."
"has also" - drop 'also' next time
"a roll" - 'a role' maybe?