Game Focus: Wheel of Fortune Review

Game Focus: "Sadly, it seems that Sony hasn't learned their lesson with Jeopardy. Wheel of Fortune is plagued by many of the same problems and I get the feeling the game was rushed. The game could have had great potential if it wasn't so hard to invite friends into a game and the multiplayer actually worked. At a price tag of 15 dollars, it's quite steep for a game that feels like it was thrown together at the last minute. In this age of next generation consoles and social gaming, it's inexcusable to have a multiplayer system that's broken. If you enjoy puzzles, you'll get a more complete experience with a puzzle book, or just shouting out answers to the television set."


+ Decent representation of the game
+ Trophy support
+ Limited but decent Character Creation for PSN game
+ Music is on par with the game show
+ Thousand of puzzles
+ Gameplay is on par with the game show


- Limited and broken Multiplayer
- No hosts?!?! How could you!
- Atmosphere is lacking a lot, almost lifeless
- Annoying sound effects of audience clapping was over-used
- Game can't adapt to two player multiplayer
- Huge lag in Multiplayer that makes playing a timed game frustrating
- Animations are heavily repeated and look stiff
- Exploitable Multiplayer if players quit out, game doesn't end
- Game feels rushed, thrown together at the last minute
- Characters look ugly and don't interact with the environment well

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