FF13 Dengeki Interview Summary

No literal translation, no legally dubious scans, no rubbish - simply an easy to read, formatted, bullet-pointed summary of the latest information from Dengeki's interview with FF13's Director and Producer, divided into sections: The Demo, The Game Technology, The Battle System, and the Plot.

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WildArmed3585d ago

looks interetsing.
At this point I'll buy any RPG..
I dont care.. just gimme a damn RPG! >_<

DNAgent3585d ago

I mean, I want a RPG but I won't take a mediocre RPG from Square-Enix. It's pretty much guaranteed that FF13 will flop like the FF games last gen that they made on top of their other games.

I'll just wait for White Knight Chronicles (and hopefully Persona 5).

poeo3585d ago

don't lie to yourself man. you know you will get FF13 on day 1. we all will.

private msg me your PSN ID so i can check up on you when FF13 is out :) if you're playing it i will LOL at you!

DNAgent3585d ago

I don't need to private message you my PSN ID (or I shouldn't have to anyways). I won't be playing any game that comes from Square-Enix and that includes FFvs13 and the Agito 13 for PSP. I've seen their disappointments this gen and last gen so I think that would be proof enough. I will admit that FFvs13 looks a whole lot better than FF13 (mainly cause FFvs13 reminds me of FF7 and FF13 reminds me of FFX-2) but I won't be playing them because I know they will be bad games. I'm sure reviews will be good (for fear of backlash just like GTA4 which was a horrible game yet got good reviews). As far as sales go, those won't matter because there are people who buy games just on the name of the game alone.

As of now the only upcoming GOOD RPG this gen is White Knight Chronicles and the only one I am really looking forward to.

Panthers3585d ago

DNA, I am pretty sure that those other games were crap because they have their top people working on FF13. Did you see the extended trailer here?

Looks stunning. Unbelievable. This game will be truly great. And I cant even imagine how good Vs 13 will be.

DNAgent3585d ago

I saw the extended trailer and it still doesn't look interesting to me. Not at all actually. I liked FF games when Squaresoft made them but S-E screwed up all of the ones they've ever done. I lol'd @ the having their top people on FF13 as if it will matter. I'm sure they have their top people in FF games last gen and they flopped. S-E having a top team really doesn't say much because the company itself sucks.

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AP3585d ago

Hopefully we'll get just as solid choices for the English language version! The Break/Combo system sounds cool, too!

cmrbe3585d ago

I can't trust them anymore.

Da One3585d ago

If not.................then we need to have a serious talk

AP3585d ago

Interesting, you're right.. weird they haven't mentioned it yet. Sure there will be though, there has been every game since 6.

Final_Rpg3585d ago

an FF without limit breaks is like an ff without summons... *looks at ffx-2* DEAR GOD HELP US ALL.

gamesmaster3585d ago

stop! stop it now!! dress sqheres.... Paine... uuarghh

koehler833585d ago

The idea that they're using 100% of the PS3's power is just a load of crap that the lazy programmers were feeding to the design team based only on available memory. Of course this is a PC architecture game running on PS3, so memory is always going to be an issue. They're running it at 100% memory capacity without SPU supplementation. (So does EVERY other half-assed developer out there.)

They're using 256MB RAM and only the CPU. Guaranteed.

gamesmaster3585d ago

i dunno, i think they had started 13 development before they had the crystal tools finalized.

koehler833585d ago

Yes. It started development on PC.

Even SONY can't create an engine that can translate mass memory usage to SPU cycles. You need to develop from the ground up to multi-thread. Starting development on anything BUT PS3 completely removes the chance of using its capabilities. At best you'll get an MT framework... which makes me wonder how much space FFXIII is going to take up on HDD.

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