Will we ever see shenmue on a next gen console?

Cnet's Don Reisinger writes "Why Sega should revive the Shenmue series" I would like to see a follow up or content available for download on the PSN and XBL of the old Shenmue series.

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MURKERR4998d ago

its not shenmue,the storys still unfinished please sega make a third,use blu ray and make the world gigantic :)

GrieverSoul4998d ago

The thing that hurts me the most is the story that as yet to be told!

I wish they would release a graphic novel or somekind of Comic book with the rest of plot. HELL! Even a script would be nice! I have a theory that Ryo and Lan Di are brothers! ;) The bandage in Ryo face right beneath his eye and Lan Di´s scar in his face right beneath the eye ***wink***wink***!

4998d ago
Sci0n4998d ago

Yea I played Yakuza 2 I will get part 3 if its released in the US. Shenmue's story was deep though man it really grasped my attention as a gamer into Action/RPG games. I would even be excited to see Shenmue 1 and 2 released as downloadable content on PSN or XBL. Sega, PSN, and XBL could make a nice profit because I know theirs millions of shenmue fans out there that would download the content to play the game immediately if it was released.

caseh4998d ago

Im with Scion on the DLC for Shenmue, I would pick that up INSTANTLY!

It seems people are more into some random Yakuza geezah running around smashing people up than they are about Ryo avenging his father...

I mean, honestly...pretty much everyone who played the first one spent several HOURS in an abandoned car park punching thin air to improve their spinning back fist at some point lol! How many other games have that kind of appeal, honestly!

Don't get me wrong, Yakuza 1+2 were decent games and 3 looks awesome, but again Sega are gonna shaft us with no release plans for the west.

I used to have so much respect for Sega, but to be honest when companies like Capcom and Konami constantly deliver the goodies how much longer can Sega honestly expect to stay afloat!

skip2mylou4998d ago

wow a good question by don reisinger never thought i would see him ask a good question.

MainEventX4998d ago

I really wish they would release Shenmue 3, Sega needs to finish the story in my opinion the Shenmue series is better than the Yakuza series.

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The story is too old to be commented.