Denagaki PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Interview

Dengeki PS3 (Japan) interviewed FFXIII's producers in the latest issue of the magazine. Near the end of the interview, Producer Kitase stated "The demo of FFXIII will utilize around 50% of PS3's capability, whereas the full version will utilize close to 100%". The scans of the magazine can be found in the links "1 2 3" at the top of the translated article.

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qface643491d ago

im not much of a graphics whore but i highly doubt that
sure 13 looks good but it doesn't look all that great

last i heard didn't uncharted 2 look better than this?

SasanovaS7773491d ago

when they say use 100% of ps3, it doesnt have to mean graphics...and it usually never means graphics...its behind the scenes that the ps3 shines...

Danja3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

as we can see SE has falling in the technology area also so maybe they think they are utilizing the PS3 full power , based on there crappy Crystal Engine ..... because so far im really not impressed with what I have seen of FF13...plz to prove me wrong

or maybe they are doing damage control form now so ppl wont be disappointed by what they see in the demo so they are saying the final product will be X better...

YungXclusive2K93491d ago

I'm almost gonna call BS because if the 360 version is supposedly gonna be the same, there is no way possible that they are gonna use 100% if the 360 version will match it

Giriath3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Even the crappiest graphics can stress the Playstation 3 to its limits, what matters is how effective the programming is, and how much the result appeals to the consumer.

beardpapa3491d ago

Or maybe this is misinterpretation, like that one time when the media interviewed Kojima about MGS4, and they translated it as him saying the PS3 wasn't powerful enough for MGS4 and he was disappointed. But what he really meant was that he had wildly high expectations of the PS3 but in the end, there weren't enough resources for him to create a masterpiece of his vision.

Xulap3491d ago

Hm, it says "close to 100%".

Hydrolex3491d ago

if yes then no it will not get close to 100 of ps3 power !!

if it is an exclusive still no, maybe 90% but not 100

Masta_fro3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

getting a 100% on a spelling test (FFXIII) is not as impressive as getting an 80% on a cold-fusion plasma reacting solar powered rocket science exam (Uncharted2).

you know?

This is just Square Enix looking for attention.

I love me some FF, but you know, in my life, and i say this truthfully, i have never been as blown away by a games graphics and sheer technical excellence as i have been by Uncharted 2. And this is just by looking at screenshots.

Not even Heavy Rain, not even Killzone 2...(big killzone 2 fan)

Hydrolex3491d ago

Uncharted 2 looks 3 times better than FF lol

GUNS N SWORDS3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

ok, so this is where 360 goes 360 degrees and falls flat on it's ass right?

.......and if it doesn't that would mean that 360 is a pretty strong console right?

aldesko3491d ago

"Uncharted 2 looks 3 times better than FF lol "

Hm.. I'd say more like 2.5 times better

Dragun6193491d ago

Honestly, I'll believe it when I see it.
And So far, the demo looks....i guess promising for 50% of PS3 power.

Iono about you guys but I've yet to see a retail PS3 game released by SquareEnix. Even the announced MultiPlatform Game, Last Remnant has yet to be released on the PS3 as well as the Developers for the game couldn't even say anything about the development of the PS3 version. And your telling me that Square Enix developers are able to utilize 100% of PS3's power. Yet to release a PS3 game but they can utilize 100% of PS3's power....

I have yet to hear a dev say that they were able to utilize 100% of PS3 power, at least not on their first try. For example, Uncharted, Amazing Graphics but it only used 30-40% of PS3's power. For their second try Uncharted 2, they have stated it will use 100% of PS3's power which is understandable as Naughty Dog pretty much has EXPERIENCE with the PS3.

Once again I'll believe it when i see it.

Uncharted 2 to use 100% PS3's power and Uncharted 1 used 30-40%
GDC: The Last Remnant PS3 and the Awkwardest Silence

lolol1233491d ago

theyre clearly lying. none of their games have ever used a consoles max. and how could they use 100% of ps3s power if they make it look the same on the 360? maybe he means disc space

RememberThe3573491d ago

This is a multi-platform engine. It is built for PS3, 360 and PC. I find it hard to believe that they can take the full potential of the PS3 out of a multi-platform engine.

Even the Killzone 2 devs said that they'd be able to get more from the PS3 next time around.

I have no bought that this game will be both fun and beautiful, but what I take from that comment is that they will use nearly 100% of what the Crystal Engine can get out of the PS3.

ajeben8093491d ago

Theres no limit on how much you can optimize the graphics, this is a dead argument. An argument for stupid comparisons where people can say "that is the best the ps3 can do" because apparently its using 100% of its power...

People are so stupid sometimes....

CrazzyMan3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

"because so far im really not impressed with what I have seen of FF13...plz to prove me wrong"
Interviewer: How much of the PS3's powers do you think the game will utilize at the end?

Kitase: I think around 50% for the demo version.
Maybe BECAUSE all what you have seen so far, is only 50% of PS3 power???

"I'm almost gonna call BS because if the 360 version is supposedly gonna be the same,"
Are you INSANE??? IF x360 CAN`T run in HD resolution x360 exclusive (so far) Star Ocean 4, it runs at 488p, just 8p over SD resolution, what makes you think, that it will run same as PS3 version of FFXIII?
Not to mention space issues and absence of HDD.

And come on GUYS, KITASE and NOMURA are GOOD developers, they are not same sh1t as Square, they develop for PS3, and so far HASN`T dissapointed.
It`s all OTHER Square developer teams create some sh1t, BUT not them!

STOP hating these 2 good guys(and FFXIII games). If you want to hate, then hate Wada and Square.

hay3491d ago

True C-man. Kitase and Nomura are the "good guys". While it may use 100% of PS3's power it won't be even close to maxing it's capabilities. I also wonder how they want to achieve this. FFs never had any brilliant physics engine etc, characters and events were always pre-animated and most cutscenes were always pre-rendered. No varied dying animations for example, each enemy of the same type died in the same way. But still they can use it as brilliant LOD of environments, view distance, varied animations, maybe some real time spell effects engine, would be awesome.
And one feature I hope for sure is Japanese voiceovers in EU/US version of the game...

Sarcasm3491d ago

When a developer says a "percentage" it usually refers to the amount of resources it uses from the PS3.

100% from Killzone 2 is different than 100% than Wipeout HD.

It depends how they use the SPUs.

SL1M DADDY3491d ago

It is in reference to their proprietary Game Engine. Since everybody's engines work differently, some will look better than others despite how much power they claim to use.

Alcon3491d ago

I hate it when a developper says it utilises 100 percent of the power. You just know thats bull****. They should say that with their current knowledge, technology,... they utilise 100 percent; because those 100 percent might become 70 percent compared with what they could do in a few years. The games do get better (visualy, technically, ect) when time passes (just look at PS2, with GOW I&II, wich blew peoples mind, because no one thought it could do what it did with those games).
Furthermore, for Square Enix, this is the mjor (and first?) game they develop for the PS3, so you know, that when they'll work on that platform more, and develop it, the games will be better.
100 percent most of the time is not true. It's usualy 100 percent with what they can do at the moment, but you know they can do better, and use more power from the machine in more clever ways.

CrazzyMan3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX had one of the BEST visuals on PS1.

FFX, FFX-2, FFXII had one of the BEST visuals on PS2.

FFVII:CC, FF:Dissidia had one of the BEST visuals on PSP.

What`s wrong with FFXIII??? Why do you think, that the game won`t have one of the BEST visuals on PS3?

FFXIII is developed for PS3, and was developed with having ONLY PS3 in mind. Kitase(producer) even didn`t know, that FFXIII will be also released on x360.
FFXIII won`t be downgraded on PS3, because of x360.
JUST RTFM, google it!

p.s. And IF you afraid of multiplatform engine capabilities, it wasn`t multiplatform in firts place, more over, this engine is also for a Wii, i hope, nobody expects FFXIII level visuals on Wii? You shouldn`t expect that on x360 either, just looks at SO4 with it`s 488p and framerate problems.

Shadow Flare3491d ago

Around 100% of the ps3's power? I dunno. But i guess that means in comparison the 360 version is going to be compressed within an inch of it's life and look like garbage or it'll be on 7 discs. One for every day of the week baby

commodore643491d ago

It sounds to me that even when a highly respected Japanese developer says they will use 100% of the ps3's power, there will still be a large number of diehard ps3 fans that maintain that the ps3 has some *ueber-potential* that remains untapped, after it has been 100% tapped out.

grow up guys.

heroicjanitor3491d ago

So that later on they can say how impressed they were with the 360 when they port it. But needing 100% to run crap code could only need 50% for better code...

xwabbit3491d ago

This will be the first game from SE to come to the PS3 ? So im pretty sure they dont have the same experience at programing the PS3 like Naughty Dogg, So u doubt they are really using the full power of the PS3. If they decide to learn about the PS3 like they did with PS2 we will see much better quality games from SE. I dont see that happening tho sine they said moving to the 360 was a GREAT idea with i highly doubt since their games all together havent sold a million

ZuperAmazingCooKie3491d ago

Also, it's not how much you use, it's how you use it

3491d ago
Trebius3491d ago

A multiplatform game cant boast that it's working 100% on the PS3...
That doesnt make any sense...theyre just trying to cover up the fact that the demo probably doesnt look as great as the consumer thought it would, and they're assuring it'll look better.

To say a demo is only 50% of the final copy makes me call bullsh!t.


they are just saying that so people buy it.

Since its multiplat, i doubt they will make use of the ps3 capabilities....just think of how piss poor the 360 version will be in comparison. If they did that they would pretty much alienate the 360 fanbase. they dont wanna lose the ps fans either, which is why they made such statement.

I doubt they will use 100% of the ps3.

makotokam3491d ago

what part of they're using 50% of the power in the demo do you not understand? if they're only using 50% in the demo, you think they'll be using more in anything before that?

solidt123491d ago

Your not gonna get 100% on Multi-platform games Unless you want to make the game look significantly different on each system and I don't see Square doing that.

senerock3491d ago

360 + disk space = ps3

i believe the multitudes of multi-plat games this generation, will acutally prove to all fanboys that their consoles are actually the same thing.

xboxlj3491d ago

What makes so many fanboys think one machine is so much more powerful than the other? I've seen comments from people mentioning that they feel sorry for 360 owners. Every game I have played has been better on the 360, so I only get 360 games. I have 5 PS3 games and compared to over 20 360 games. I play the 360 game routinely, my PS3 has been collecting dust since I beat MGS4 last year.
Honestly, I feel both machines are on equal grounds with their capabilities. The main problem seems to be that the PS3 is harder to program on. But to assume that a game which utilizes most of the ps3 resources cannot run on the 360 is absurd. We are not comparing an i7-920 quad core (ps3) to 386 w/math co-processor (360) which is what some of you seem to think.

FrankenLife3491d ago

"Snow is wearing a cloth that you have the wrong idea, not everyone is a knit cap, bandanna or rather close to DYURAGU"

I love google translate.

phosphor1123491d ago

You can NEVER EVER use 100% of any hardware. It's impossible to do that safely. That leaves no room for error, meaning, if something messed up, and it caused something to hitch just a little too much, the whole system would completely crash. Ever notice your CPU processes being 100% use? Next thing you know, everything freezes up? That's what happens.

Also, 100% maybe in term of their game engine, because other games on the ps3 have yielded better results (so far from what we've seen) and barely use half of the PS3's hardware. Keep in mind, these engines have been made very early in the PS3's life span. If you remember games like Shadow of the Colossus and God of War 1 & 2 was on par (and in some cases exceeded) the orignal Xbox's graphics, even with much older technology. The more complex the architecture, the more you can tap into it. It's just the harder it is to program.

SE is just saying it for attention. It's not going to use 100%, if it is, it will either be a) the most epic game ever, or b) crappy programmers. On my C++ program for school I'm making a 2D physics engine. When I first finished it, It used about 8mb of RAM (which is a bloody hell of a lot), after I optimized threads and fixed lots of pointers, making arrays, that cut down my memory usage down to about 1200kb (1.2mb) when running 50 entities (objects) on screen at once.

XxZxX3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

that's just pure marketing scheme.

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SasanovaS7773491d ago

this can mean 2 things.

1. hes lying and has no clue what hes talking about.


2. PS3 version will be superior to the 360 version in framerate and other things.

we all know the ps3 is a more powerful machine, so if your gonna have a multiplatform game which utilizes close to a 100% of a superior console, your either lying or making 2 different games

3491d ago
Monsignor3491d ago

This would make sense if it was made on the 360 and then ported over, but games that are individually designed for each system, tend to turn out better for the PS3.

3491d ago
3491d ago
Common Sense3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

because to my knowledge, the crystal tools engine was only supposed to utilize 4 out of 6 SPEs so there's no way they're getting close to 100% and then again a lot of information could be lost in translation or maybe it was just taken out of context.

You guys do also realize that you can max out CPU with 1 line of code (hint: infinte loops, ex. for (;), while (1=1)).

3491d ago
3491d ago
SIdepocket3491d ago


the third option is that like all multiplatform games, FF13 might turn out better on the 360 because no one has yet pushed the 360 to its limits


i dont know who would disagree with you, bu im certain those 5 disagrees dont own ps3s

IcarusOne3491d ago

1. How does Final Fantasy of all games use the PS3 to its max? These games barely even have phsyics. And from what I've seen, the graphics aren't mind-bending. So what could be going on in the background? Twice the grass as Flower?

2. If FF does use 100% of the PS3, and the game is also coming out for 360, the fact that the two versions will be at all similar shoots a massive whole in the theory that the PS3 is lightyears ahead of the 360.

senerock3490d ago

how biased can you be?
what you are saying is:
either he agrees that the ps3 is the best machine EVA!!!!!
whatever he has to say is a lie!!!

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Algullaf3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

(S O) ouch ouch 3 dvd sub-hd

SixTwoTwo3491d ago

They're not going to fully utilize the PS3's power so they can keep all versions equal.

UnSelf3491d ago

leave Why Dis alone for once...he finally is admitting sum guilt.

(on topic) i doubt this guy knows what 100% of the ps3 is.

ViceKingz3491d ago

I think he's saying ouch for ps3 fans....why dis/pog never admits defeat...yes he's that ignorant

UnSelf3491d ago

why would the utilization of using 100% of our systems power be bad for ps3 owners lol?

im not tryna disagree wit u or take sides its just if he means that then that guy has some serious problems

RememberThe3573491d ago

I was thinking the same thing...

Isn't the fact that they're trying to take the most out of the system that they can, a good thing?

gamesmaster3491d ago

i totally agree with whyDis, i mean ouch if this is true, if they're using 100% of the ps3 then the 360 version must be gimped, i feel bad for 360 only owners.

you should buy this for your ps3 whydis, that way you wont get disappointed.

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OGharryjoysticks3491d ago

At a certain point in development they got stuck, couldn't figure out how to do any better and want to think they maxed the system out with poor design.

Chris Hansen3491d ago

I'm still curious how many DVD's this game will take for the 360. Wasn't Lost Odyssey like 4 DVD's?

hatchimatchi3491d ago

i was gonna post the same question.

I really don't care if the game uses the ps3 100% or not, just as long as the story is good and the game play is fun.

UltimateIdiot9113491d ago

If I remember correctly, you switch roles between characters. So, I'm assuming you have a disc for each character. I believe there was 3 or 4 character stories to play from. So, I say at least 4 or 5 discs.

theEnemy3491d ago

solely to run the game with only 1 DVD Disc.