Reggie: Wii games need to sell 1 million to turn a profit

Speaking to the New York Times famed name-taking Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime has said that the average Wii game has to sell a million units in order to turn a profit.

In an article focused on the wider issue of bigger industry players struggling to make money, Reggie chimed in on why the Wii sofware can be more successful saying that while a Wii game needs to sell around 1 million copies to make a profit, that cost on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is much higher.

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OGharryjoysticks3488d ago

Publishers shouldn't try to push technology in a technological field. Who needs advancements. The older you get the worse your eye sight gets anyway, right guys. Anybody up for a game of Pong?

avantgarde843488d ago

to be clear he isnt even quoted as saying this meaning this could be all made up seeing as how different games have different budgets meaning a different total amount before turning a profit.

You really think a Mario game has a budget less than shovelware?

this has to be made up

AP3488d ago

Well this place is just quoting select bits of a bigger article from the NEW YORK TIMES. And they've linked to it so it can be seen. I doubt the NYT would make up a quote.

avantgarde843488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

you dont think a newspaper would make so called facts up? are you living in the 1920's when everyone believed what they read?

Lets put it this way the article says that downloaded games on the xbox,ps3 and wii cost $10.

$10 doesnt sound right to me i just bought super punchout for $8 and bought Castlevania for Nes last week for $5.

You can believe what you want but newspapers are not the place to get updated facts about video games.

Aclay3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Wow... I had no idea the average Wii game has to sell a Million copies just to turn a profit... for all of the shovelware titles, I don't think it would have to sell a Million to turn a profit, but a game like MadWorld, Zelda or The Conduit would have to sell a million to turn profit because they are higher budget games (and of course are higher quality games).

"Reggie also went on record saying Nintendo decided to leave high-quality graphics and high definition support out of the Wii as they realized the cost to produce HD-era games wouldn't prove cost effective."

Come on Reggie, tell the truth.... We all know the reason why Nintendo didn't go HD this generation is because they didn't want a repeat of Last 2 Generations and because they finally realized they couldn't compete at the high level in hardcore gaming against Sony and Microsoft.... Nintendo did the right thing by going casual this gen. and I'm glad they've found their niche in the gaming market.

AP3488d ago

"Some of the 486 titles are also bound to be low-budget ports or shovelware, making the claim of a 1 million average to profit slightly strange in our eyes."

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SinnedNogara3487d ago

I keep telling all of you!! Wii games have much longer legs!!

Please Note that March is usually a time for testing. My brother and I have all taken very large (and boring) tests during te past couple of weeks.

Wait for several months.

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