Gaming According to OXCGN March: Much Ado About Nothing

OXCGN writes:

"Each month some of OXCGN's staff will take a retrospective look at the month just past. Naturally we can have all 13 team members from around the globe all saying something at the same time, so we'll have around 4-5 team members sharing their thoughts on how gaming was for them at OXCGN"

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Speed-Racer3541d ago

A really good round up for the last month of the 1st quarter :)

Superfragilistic3541d ago

Amazing how pissed some people got with that "Sony Buys Exclusives" article, I didn't think it was that harsh and it dissed MS in the process if you read past the headline and N4G blurb... but then N4G users don't read do they?

Also loved that GDC list that got Mass Effect 2 right whilst making me dream of a Lost Odyssey 2! Bastards have now got me wishing for something that won't happen. :(

Anyways good job OXCGN as always. Nice to have an Aussie site that tells it like it is and appreciates both sides of the gaming fence. :)

Speed-Racer3541d ago

Well what can you expect. If these fans cannot understand that they are also getting ployed...their loss.

XboxOZ3603541d ago

yeah, wasn't too bad actually, and most associate this period with games being slow off the mark or none about.

There has been an abundance of games and events for every platform during the first quarter of 2009, and you should see what is in store for the rest of the year . . . shheezzzes . .

Speed-Racer3541d ago

I guess once we head into the later months, and with E3 coming up, we could be seeing a ton of new game announcements this year...looking forward to it.

XboxOZ3603541d ago

I know of a few which can't be mentioned that ppl are going to love, plus a few new IP's that show a grewat deal of promise. SO each year gamers get a better deal than the previous year.

Although, judging by some of the disgruntled gamers about these days, games need to be 9 and above to even be considered good, let alone excellent. Come on ppl, games are meant to be played, and we need to start looking at the ones that are not slated at 9 and above.

You're doing yourself a disservice by not taking such games onboard . . your lose, someone elses gain as they say.

Hunter863540d ago

Good read. Well done OXCGN lads.

XboxOZ3603540d ago

Well thanks mate, we've had fun, which is the main thing. be it with the Killzone day, or the Street Fighter Media night (article to come tomorrow on that) or the excellent Hands-On day with Resi 5 earlier in the month or the excellent Red Faction: Guerilla and UFC Undisputed events we were asked to attend. Some excellent fun with the guys from Sony Playstation Mag, and many others.

There were many others, and while some thing because we are a Xbox Community site, we should "stick to xbox", we believe we are gamers first and foremost, so therefore, we'll follow whatever fun games we choose to, but with a definite Xbox Centric tilt.

Glad that you're enjoying the site.

darkmurder3540d ago

pretty good month if ur a ps3 fan, seems MS is holding its cards for E3

gaminoz3540d ago

I agree that GDC 09 was a bit too quiet from MS. That doesn't seem right to me...there must be something at E3. Alan Wake? Please?

In any case the 3rd party games that are coming are great and the PS3 exclusives are also really worth looking forward to.

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