Gametrailers GDC 09: CryEngine 3 CEO Interview Part 1

Gametraiers Writes:

"Watch a playable demo of CryEngine 3 on the Xbox 360 as Crytek's CEO explains the tech."

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SasanovaS7773489d ago

i dont care about the engine. give me a good game.

ThatCanadianGuy3489d ago

I still think the Killzone 2 engine is better.

There's things in that game i have never seen done before.
But i suppose i should wait till i see CryEngine 3 running a game before i make any conclusive statements.

BX813489d ago

Good call on the waiting! KZ2 looks great but on the 360 side there is no game that looks like what the CryEngine can do. That is really what I'm looking forward too. I want that same feeling of Oh sh#t, when I first played Uncharted for a game on the XBOX 360.

jaseo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

the tech is cutting edge.. you only need to write your first scanline renderer at school to appreciate this.

Sanhlami3489d ago

I'm so glad the cryengine 3 came out. Unreal Engine 3 is SOOO played out and outdated.Cryengine 3 is the true accessible game engine for this gen. of consoles. You can expect a lot more high ended graphical multiplatform games coming soon.

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

I hope it's easy to develop for so that people would drop UE3.

sukru3489d ago

Here is the second part:

(He talks about the sandbox, and how you can edit your game in realtime (probably on PC), and pickup the 360/PS3 controller and try it on your console immediately).

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