The 9 Scariest Games of All Time

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"So you like scary games, huh? So do we. We've put our heads together and thought up some of the more memorable examples of horror done right.

Without further ado, let's get the freak show started..."

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SasanovaS7773542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

before i even click, if silent hill 2 isnt top 1, il be pissed...
Edit: as i thought, thats the biggest pile of crap list i ever seen

SolidAhmed3542d ago

your comment was what exactly am thinking about silent hill 2 and that's it

even before i see the article

Baba19063542d ago

i thought 1 was scarier. but thats just me.

Acidicpack3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I would have to go with Silent hill 1, Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and the first resident evil as my favorite games that would make you piss your paints lol

All 4 games scared the crap out of me! which is a good thing =) But in my opinion the most scariest game out of them all is Silent Hill 2.

Panthers3542d ago

They didnt have a single Resident Evil. RE3 was the scariest game Ive played, but I didnt play SH2.

SL1M DADDY3542d ago

Feel that Dead Space wins the list over but in the end, to omit the RE1 remake on the GameCube seems to me to be a sin.

SaiyanFury3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

In my opinion, Fatal Frame was the scariest series. Fighting ghosts that want to kill you with a camera is more frightening and most zombie games. Ghosts that want you dead that you couldn't fight instill you with a sense of dread not available anywhere else.

micro_invader3541d ago

The only real horror game I've played was Dead Space and to be honest, the scares wore ut quickly in that game for me.

Still one of my favourite games, just not one of the scariest.

locos853541d ago

Where is Fatal Frame???? List really sux

Ahmay3541d ago

but my friend said that he and his friends has never finished fatal frame.... sold it....

Tempist3541d ago

List forgot... Stalker. Someone hasn't played Stalker in a while it seems.

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Bloodshedder3542d ago

"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh"

thats really really scary silent hill 1 is the best one of all of them

SlappingOysters3542d ago

And mostly because of the sound. I could not play throught that game in the dark with some good headphones. I simply couldn't do it.

Dead Space is unnerving too.

LeonSKennedy4Life3542d ago

Dead Space?

That wasn't scary!

These guys obviously haven't played Fatal Frame II.

Gun_Senshi3541d ago


ParanoidMonkey3542d ago

Am I the only one who just didn't find Dead Space scary? I keep hearing all the time that it's the "new king of survival horror" but I wasn't scared once throughout the entire thing. It was so predictable and the atmosphere just wasn't creepy. Playing through with a pistol was cake too, so I don't get the survival part either...

Anyway, I throw my vote in for Silent Hill 2 as well.

Marceles3542d ago

I was just about to type that, Dead Space wasn't scary at all

christian hour3542d ago

Ditto. I don't find games that rely on jump tactics "scary". Same with movies that do the same thing (pretty much all horror movies these days).

This list is pretty bad. With psychological (more effective) horror games been at the bottom of the list, and dead space been number one? What the hell? It was a good game, just not scary. Causing the games musical score to suddenly Jump up a few decibles and make me jump when an alien comes out from the shadows, isn't scaring me, or causing me to fear for my own safety, in my safe room, it's just giving me a fright, that is gone in 2 seconds.

Tell you what, watch rosemarys baby. If that doesn't unsettle you in anyway, shape or form, then I'm afraid I just don't think people understand the concept of instilling fear into someone through an artistic medium to create a freakin enjoyable ride anymore! I think todays youth have evolved into losing those receptors. That or I'm been very bah humbug ebineezer scrooge right now.

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