Capcom: Getting By With Old Hits

Games such as Killzone 2 and Gears of War 2 are just a few of the best representative games this generation. However, it is becoming apparent that one developer/publisher in particular has yet to graduate to the next level of gaming.

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s8anicslayer3490d ago

Why would they, Resi franchise, street fighter franchise are both timeless IP'S, many people including myself grew up on these games, If it aint broke don't fix it!

onijutsu3490d ago

they broke resident evil with 5, street fighter 4 is still the same fundementally flawed game and devil may cry 4 was an abomination...

fail capcom fail...

Flipgeneral3489d ago

The whole purpose of SF4 was to make players of old (you and me!) get that feeling of nostalgia. They were not trying to do something totally off the wall with SF4 that would semi-alienate the old-school.

Not to mention, Bionic Commando (completely original new take), Dark Void, Dead Rising(!!!), Lost Planet.

Horrible article. Author needs to do more research and be objective in his writings.

KionicWarlord2223490d ago

capcoms doing great this gen. they need to bring back marvel vs capcom...or marvel versus snk. :)

legionx3489d ago

Dont you mean capcom vs snk

BigKev453490d ago

Come on, onijutsu. You know your so wrong. Let's see you do it then.

onijutsu3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Devil may cry 4

1. While nero was fun to use, it was a bad decision to put dante halfway through the game, most of the people who bought dmc4 have played at least one of the previous games, capcom brought something new in the form of dante(edit nero) but failed to capitalise on that by not going further with him...

2.Halfway through backtracking, you have to agree with me there.

3.Fighting bosses over and over again, if the bosses changed their attacks enough i would forgive this, making the player change his tactics on a familar boss would have been an intersting experience, but no they got lazy, i mean from the boss's perspective all they did was have some super sayin mode that did virtually nothing to change it up.

4. bad story, felt like the worst parts of bleach.

Street fighter 4

i have to say i disagree with this article about how capcom didn't do a good job with the graphics of street fighter 4, i don't want realism in a fighting game, anyone who calls any fighting game realistic has clearly watched to many kung fu flicks...

i geuss fundementally flawed is overley harsh, what i feel is that most of the charachters get ignored, most people usually try out these charachters and go back to ryu or ken, this is why i say its flawed, you play a game like tekken, each charachter really has potential to be used by anyone well, and it does happen, to be completely owned by a slightly joke charachter like the panda proves that tekken has a great balance, while the juggle based gameplay in the hardcore circles isn't everyones cup of tea at least you get variety from it. although in hardcore circles street fighter gets the proper treatment but otherwise its slightly abused.

Resident evil, again i was overly harsh with this one, really its is a very fun game, but its not my cup of tea. from having loved the atmosphere that the ps1 titles offered i felt a little left in the cold by the gameplay, sure it offers a different perspective on the emotions that were offered in the originals, but the end result isn't as great as the original atmospheric survival horror franchise that it is so well known for.

lord_of_balrogs3490d ago

Lost Planet anyone, that was a new IP.

CDzNutts3490d ago

I finally played the game. I hate 2D fighters.....the only one I was forced to play (and mastered) was Alpha 3. Once 3D fighters came out WAY back in the 90's, I stuck to those. And with that said??

Street Fighter IV kicks ASS! Yes, it has the same control scheme as SFII with minor updates (EX moves, Focus attacks). But the physics of the game make it feel BRAND new. It's like the way SFII was meant to be played. I understnad it may not be ENTIRELY user-friendly to everyone (half circle this, quarter circle that)....but man....the way it moves and feels now......who would've known. 1991 Gameplay with 2009 Physics = Greatness. Not to mention the graphics are RIDIIIIIIIIIIIIIICULOUS.

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