OXCGN's Stormrise Review Only One Shall Rise….Just Not This One

OXCGN writes: "Another month and another RTS hits the consoles, this time it's Stormrise from The Creative Assembly (the team behind Total War). This one is an RTS game based in the future where humanity pretty much tried to control Global Warming but in typical fashion it all went wrong.

Centuries later and the humans that were left outside during the disaster left to die evolved into a mutant race known as The Sai and the humans in the cryogenic underground facilities known as The Echelon have awoken to reclaim Earth and rebuild it as it once was."

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Godem3492d ago

Sounds like there is a good reason I have never heard of this game before..

Immortal Kaim3492d ago

Ouch... I was actually looking forward to this game, might end up being a rental I think :)

Superfragilistic3492d ago

"Ouch!" is exactly what I was thinking. lol

I'll stick to Halo Wars on the console thanks. :)

XboxOZ3603492d ago

Same here, I was really looking forward to it as well. The hype from the developers was great, but It seems like it hasn't delivered where it matters the most, gameplay.

I suppose it could change depending on how one gets used to the controls, especially if they are used to one style of console RTS style, then another developer puts up another way of doing things.

Bit like those used to Resi evil controls, and those new to it but used to other third person shooter who find it completely frustrating, and thus have a poor experience of the game . .

REALgamer3492d ago

I was hoping Halo Wars would be the beginning of great console RTSs, but it looks like unless they use Halo Wars' exact control scheme they're not going to be very successful. =(

Speed-Racer3492d ago

Hmm disappointing score... disappointing game

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