PS3 thrills don't come cheap

The UK release of the PS3 should be the technology event of the year says the UK Times. Instead it's in danger of falling flat. So what went wrong?

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power of Green 4625d ago

Man these people have flawed reasoning it's almost child-like it's no wonder Sony can sell consoles over there with such dominace. I love the way they explain tech and how it will appeal to consumers. Built for Flat pannel TV's? as if that's the reason there high-def. lol it's almost sad to see them so behind the "times" when it comes to known facts and popular opinion.

power of Green 4625d ago

At least some are wising up, i give them that!; still strange though!. They still have a little bit of that pre-PS3 launch 2nd coming of Christ mind set.

FeralPhoenix4625d ago

but I don't expect it to out do the Wii for long after launch, -NO I think the Wii will continue to out-sell everything for probably at least the next 6 months.....still its strange to see Sony in the position they are in now, I mean its early but clearly the dominance of last gen is over.....I think having 3 strong brands is great for the industry with M$ and Sony pushing either other and of course Nintendo, uhmm yeah they will continue to do that Nintendo "stuff" that they do. Its good to be a gamer!

Neutral Gamer4625d ago

Anyone who says it advantageous to have three strong brands in the market and how it's a good time to be a gamer is obviously an unbiased gamer and deserves some positive feedback, which is what I've rightly given you.

Although, with eight bubbles already, is it even possible to go any higher! Speaking of which does anyone know if its possible to get down to ZERO bubbles?

4625d ago
Neutral Gamer4625d ago

I'm curious as your comment has been deleted by a moderator. I missed it, what did you say? Without directly saying it again of course!

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