Portable Offerings for DS: Week of March 30th, 2009

The Portable Gamer writes:

"Other sites just give you a boring list. Portable Offerings: See what Nintendo DS publishers have planned for your wallet this week! More than just a boring list, we summarize each game and throw box art in your face!

This week, Jason runs down the 5 notable releases vying for your attention."

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bgrundman3488d ago

There is almost nothing worth buying this week... that makes me a Sad PANDA

killyourfm3488d ago


Tokyo Beat Down from Atlus? Rhythm Heaven?

roblef3488d ago

I dunno. Seems like there are some cool niche titles in there. Arent' we always lamenting the lack of original IP? Maybe this is the week! :)

reluctant_gamer3488d ago

Tokyo Beat Down just sounds dirty... Hmm... none that I'd totally run out to buy... but we'll see...

bgrundman3488d ago

why do all of this week's games suck?

roblef3488d ago

They don't suck. How would you know anyway? Did you play them? Mayhap they are rough gems in a sea of fragility.