Part of Xi opened by eager home users

Sony has launched Xi the first console based Alternate Reality Game. The game is basically a puzzle quest that is being updated daily. Sony opened up another part of Xi today to it's fans with 6 new mini games; and 2 locked doors.

Within a few hours people had managed to use a glitch to bypass the games lock out; prompting a cry that Xi was ruined becase people couldn't wait. This prompted a reply from Home's manager Locust_Star


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chaosatom3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

You ask a robot about a quest and go to internet via computer or ps3 which leads to completing a small task, like naming a famous places.

Although the puzzle does require some critical thinking or some tedious work, it's a brilliant step in the right direction.

I hope more people try it, and I hope that they make MORE!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3488d ago

Just went in there before I saw this article.

I don't understand this language at ALL!

PSGamingInc3488d ago

first he has to moderate what is perhaps the most boring application ever created. It is filled with child molesters and/or just straight up perverts trying to pick up girls or are themselves pretending to be girls hoping to be hit on by fat dudes. I really hope Sony gives him another job when they inevitably do cut the embarrassement that is Home.

Lumbo3487d ago

you are a failure at being a troll...

divideby03487d ago

you just described the internet and also Live, which the latter you have to pay for to be harrassed and censored