Is It Smart For Third Party Developers To Cater To One Console?

The console war between Xbox 360 and PS3 becomes a heated argument everyday (between the fanboys at least), but are third developing companies showing more favoritism towards one console over the other?

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swiftshot933488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Lost Planet 2 and Mass Effect 2 will 100% come to PS3. Not sure on L4D though.

Edit: 5 disagrees? really? You guys want to respond as to why it WONT come on PS3? Cause I can up with many many reasons why it will.

ps921173488d ago

Who questioned lost planet 2?

PoSTedUP3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

it really depends on the situation.

for instance, kojima chose the ps3 because it would only require ONE disc. multiple discs= high production costs. 360 on MGS4= multiple discs.

so it all depends.

looking at how much lost planet1 sold on ps3... yea, keep it on 360, they will be wasting money on producing it for another console (ps3) when it most likely wont do well on PS3 (sales wise).

morganfell3488d ago

It is smart if the console to which you cater provides the technology you need in order to see that the title comes to fruition in a way that does justice to it's original vision.

Omegasyde3488d ago

I think every third part developer should have 1 game represented as thier best offering so that the developers have competition among themselves.

Developers should make their prize product platform exclusive to show the developer community at "what they can do, can you do better"?

Benchmarks need to be set. Still need a RPG, Puzzle, and fighting genre benchmark.

ThanatosDMC3488d ago

It depends how much they get paid for an exclusivity deal.

Why dis3488d ago

Final Fantasy Versus and a MGS game... Booked marked.

bushfan3488d ago

the developers sell software..and of course they want a big profit, make a game today cost a lot more that before; it's not like they like one company over other one, their job is sell games instead of which console, if your a doctor and if you have to take care of someone you must do's your job and it's how business work

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KionicWarlord2223488d ago

very good read. i do agree that the yes fans of a franchise and series would be angry or mad if there game goes multiplat . also exclusive dlc is a big downer towards fans.well theres always more mutltiplats then excclusive games so everyone is happy. :)

lord_of_balrogs3488d ago

To a degree exclusivity can be beneficial to game. Everyone thinks that Gears of War would of sold better multiplatform right? Wrong, without MS super heavy advertising of the game, GeoW would of sold well but not as well as it would if it was an exclusive. So if a 3rd party thinks that going exclusive will get the game more coverage and having MS/Sony bankroll it rather then themselves, then maybe it is beneficial to developers to release 3rd party exclusives.

thebudgetgamer3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

my biggest problem is when devs make a game multi then screw one side out of extra content. stuff like that makes me kind of hesitant to buy games from them in the future. except rockstar north i will allways give them my money.


Knewness3488d ago

MS marketed the hell out of GTA4 as if it was an exclusive, look how that turned out.

TheHater3488d ago

Why? It doesn't have a flaimbait title :)

Sarcasm3488d ago

It's toning down a bit.

Still, I think we'll see something like

"Will Gran Turismo 5 become a 360 exclusive in two minutes!?!?!?!"


1 HiT KiLLZ3488d ago

Well unless you have a fanbase as big as MGS or GTA then i say multiplat is the way to go. Unless you would rather make a game which is superior and your only limit s your imagination then you make it a ps3 exclusive title.

Sorry but after seeing the AAA games on the ps3 lately, i'd say third party devs need to think about diverting some games toward the ps3 only. That is if they wanna reach their true vision.

If not make a turd and loose me as a buyer period.

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